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Nail Art Stamping: Why You Should Always Read the Instructions

Those of you who stopped by yesterday know that I’m quite happy to have finally mastered nail art stamping!  I’ve always admired bloggers who do awesome nail art, in particular, the lovely Cat of Stawberry Mochi.  But I also kept hearing that there was a learning curve with this particular process, and since I’m not a pro when it comes to manicures, I was on the fence about the whole thing.

First Fauxnad manicure!  This is a historic moment, people:

base color: China Glaze devotion, ring finger: Milani Nail Polish in Gems, stamp: Rimmel Black Satin

Before I get into the review, let me just say that the rumors are true.  There is definitely a learning curve if you’ve never done this before.  It took me three tries to get it right, and that’s not counting the 5+ times I spent trying to stamp when the plastic was still on.

Speaking of that…read the instructions!

Instructional video:

I would’ve saved a whole lot of time if I had peeled the plastic off to begin with.  I think it goes without saying that stamping is difficult if the polish isn’t actually going into the pattern.


The biggest difference appearance-wise between this plate and a standard Konad plate is that the edges aren’t filed down as nicely.  They aren’t so sharp that they’ll cut your fingers, but just be careful when you’re handling it.  That being said, I am ridiculously accident-prone, and if I didn’t hurt myself using this, you probably won’t either.

Application is also different.  When you use a Konad plate, you’re supposed to roll over the image once you’ve scraped the excess polish off.  With Born Pretty Store’s plate, you have to press down to get the image to transfer from the plate to the stamper.  To get the image from the stamper to your nail, use a rolling motion.  After I got the scraping part down, I didn’t have any other problems from that point on, so it’s fairly straightforward.  Just remember to scrape with a 45 degree angle.

The plate I used comes in a kit, along with a stamper and scraper.  The whole thing retails for $3.88, which is very affordable.  If you recall my nail sticker review, this set is from the same online store.  What’s cool about this site is that they offer free worldwide shipping, which you don’t see from a lot of places.  In addition, they’ve provided me with a 10% off code to share with my readers (over in the sidebar, scroll down).  I’ve spent some time surfing the store, and their prices are extremely reasonable.  They carry all the nail art supplies you could possibly ever think of, so do give them a look 🙂

My rating: A+

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for review, either by PR or directly from the manufacturer.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.

I am not affiliated with Born Pretty Store, and receive no compensation for the coupon code.  I just thought it would be something nice to share with you guys!


15 thoughts on “Nail Art Stamping: Why You Should Always Read the Instructions

  1. Yay!!! Great job hon! 😀 I will add, I’ve heard that the regular Konad plates are easier to work with than many of the fauxnad ones since the imprint is deeper, so that might be partially responsible for the learning curve as well. =)

  2. OMG, sounds so difficult!!! I doubt that I can ever master the nail stamping technique (or maybe I’m just lazy haha). I like how your Hello Kitty image turned out, it’s very clear and has no blurry edges etc..

  3. 呵呵
    我都沒看過 : D

    耶!!!我終於考完期末考放假了: )


    • 哈哈,恭喜!
      你終於可以放暑假了 xD
      真的啊?! 我根本都不知道7有賣美麗日記的面膜
      美國的7只有賣汽水那些東西 😦

  4. Hehe…I do feel special! 😉 Thanks for the pics and post! You did a really great job. The Hello Kitty is way cute! 😀 I don’t have the patience for stamping so I keep to admiring it from afar….lol.

    (Haul pic is up!)

    • It was actually very quick once I got the hang of it, since I only did my thumbs. This entire manicure took me about 15 minutes, I think.

      yay! gonna go look at it, but I have to go to class right now 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you bought.

  5. I think you did a great job with stamping! I always hear about how hard it is and haven’t had the nerve to try, but that website really has some great prices. I will save it for later though 😉

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