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Caring Color: Nail Polish That’s Good For You

Is there even such a thing?  While saying that any form of nail polish is ‘good for you’ might be a bit of a stretch, Trind’s nail lacquers are supposed to maintain your nails.  I take this to mean that they don’t promise any miracle cures for problem nails, but they won’t make your nails any worse than they are either (i.e., they won’t dry them out or stain them).

Skittle swatches:

left to right: Trind Caring Color in CC 133, CC 104, CC 136, CC 103, CC 115 (on thumb)

CC 133: Reminded me a lot of the famous CG Ruby Pumps, and naturally, I took my bottle out to compare.  While the feel of the color is similar, Trind’s version lacks the jelly base of Ruby Pumps, and the finish is also a little bit rougher.  However, it’s still a gorgeous color, and gives off the same red sparkles embedded in a deep red base vibe.  2 coats.

CC 104: In the bottle, it looks like a pale, milky pink, and you all know how I feel about any form of pink.  However, on the nail it goes on smooth and sheer.  Normally, I don’t like sheer polishes either, but this one just made my nails look so put together!  I think this is what I would describe as an OL (office lady hehe) polish, it’s really good when you want to paint something on your nails for work or a formal event.  I wouldn’t recommend this if your nails are extremely stained though, as the yellow will probably show through.  2 coats.

CC 136: Perfect mid-green shimmer!  The shimmer particles are very smooth and linear, and they got the shade exactly right.  It’s not too blue, not too yellow, plus it’s opaque in 1-2 coats.

CC 103: The only color I had trouble with.  I love how clean and glossy this white creme is, but the formula is hard to manage.  It’s definitely on the streaky side, and takes 3-4 coats to get a nice looking finish.

CC 115:  Oh.  Man.  Super glossy, bright red creme.  This is my favorite polish color ever, which we already established last year.  Very similar to my Twilight Red Velvet polish, but I think this one applies even better.  There are probably lots of versions of this type of red, but Trind did such a nice job with this one.  1-2 coats.

Full manicures with CC 115 and CC 104:

Loveee.  Look how shiny!

The formula is thin and smooth, but not too thin, and the ‘strong’ colors are opaque in one or two coats.  The brush gave me a lot of control too, so I was able to get a smooth edge when I actually sat down and took the time to do a proper manicure.

The bottle design is very unique, isn’t it?  Can’t remember the last time I saw a polish cap that looked so sleek.  As far as I could tell, none of these stained my nails or left them overly dried out, and they wore for a good amount of time.

Trind Caring Color Nail Lacquers retails for $15.95 each, which is above the limit of what I’m willing to pay for nail polish.  However, I did see a 25% off discount code on Scrangie’s blog the other day, and it’s still good right now, so that should bring the price down a bit.

Try these if:

~You’re willing to spend a little extra for nail polish

~You like the sound of a nail polish that doesn’t totally kill your nails

And lastly, a big thank you to Egon, the president of the company, who was incredibly patient with me while I asked a billion questions about Trind’s nailcare items (which you’ll hear more about soon).

Have a wonderful July 4th!  I’m off to eat some hot tofu soup, which is practically insane in this weather, but hey it’s good.

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for review, either by a PR firm or directly from the manufacturer.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


17 thoughts on “Caring Color: Nail Polish That’s Good For You

  1. I used to be able to say that I wouldn’t spend that much on polish, no matter how pretty, but I just picked up one of Dior’s fall polishes…sigh. That red glitter is gorgeous 😀

    • Hey Larie! I’m sure the day will come when I will totally throw that rule out the window. I’ve been really tempted by a couple of Chanel polishes already *sigh*

    • Oh, I should probably mention that I did wear these w/ base coat, but I’ve had experiences w/ nail polishes that stained my nails even through base coat in the past *yikes* Me neither, I wish they could lower the price a bit, but at least there’s a promocode xD

  2. I recently purchased the Trind Moist and Shiny kit and professional glass nail file. The nail repair that comes with the kit is amazing!!!!!!!!!! Loves!!! Thanks for the tip on the promo code. Just bought some colors and the 25% discount made a huge difference.

    • The Moist and Shiny kit is a nice set! I’m really in love w/ their Cuticle Basalm/Nail Basalm, never found anything quite like it before. Aw, glad to help 🙂 Which colors did you get?

  3. I love all colors on one hand!

    You know, since I got back into nail polish about a year ago, my nails were splitting like crazy. It’s good that this nail polish promises not to hurt me. 😉

    • hahah skittle swatches are just so much easier…
      I was having that problem too before, where the tips of my nails were splitting like crazy. I would highly recommend that you invest in some sort of moisturizing treatment designed for the actual nail, it makes a huge difference.

  4. I bought 5 colors.

    CC115 Warm Red
    CC119 Burgundy
    CC122 Maroon
    CC132 Turquoise
    CC135 Magical Deep Blue

    With the 25% discount code “scrangie” each bottle worked out to be $10.37 each so it’s within my budget like most of us. I also signed up for the newsletter.

    • Magical Deep Blue is a really gorgeous color! Hope you like them 🙂 And yup $10 is at toward the high end of my budget, but I’m willing to pay that much for really nice polishes xD

  5. Jus sayin’, your cuticles and nails are in such better condition than mine! I hate having to keep them short (thus discouraging me from taking proper care of my fingers/nails).

    Anyway, CC-136 (the green one) looks gorgeous! Love the shimmer~ 😀

    • Is it because you play an instrument? My nails were in such bad shape when I was playing piano that when I started to let them grow out, they kept breaking. The cuticles were pretty bad too…

      Love that one too! CC 115 is still my favorite though 🙂

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