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I decided to take a break from the makeup posting today.  This topic is very different from the type of thing I normally post, but I hope you guys find it interesting.

Even though Cyanotype produces only blue-white images, the range of tones is really amazing

If you don’t know what Cyanotype is, it’s a photographic process that produces blue (cyan) images.  The actual process is very simple, and doesn’t require a lot of special materials.  In fact, it’s probably something you can do at home.  The most difficult part is preparing a mixture of potassium ferricyanide and  ferric ammonium citrate.  [Thank you wikipedia for the actual names of the chemicals…)  You’ll probably have to test several times to get the color intensity that you’re looking for.  After you’ve mixed the solution, use it to sensitize whatever surface you’re working on (photo paper, cloth, etc.) and let it dry.

The rest of the process is straightforward.  Choose an image, convert it to black and white, and then invert the whole thing.  Next, print it out on a transparency, sandwich it between your sensitized material and a sheet of plexiglass, and let it sit out in the sun to develop for about 8 minutes (at least that’s the time that worked best for me).

LOL weird awkward pose.  Guess where the shoes are from?  If you’ve read my blog before, there’s really only one possible answer here 🙂

To ‘fix’ the image, wash the material in water for about 5-10 minutes, and then you’re done.

If you’re wondering where you can buy the chemicals, I know that some photography stores sell Cyanotype kits with all the ingredients, and then you can just mix it up yourself.

For the shirt above, I used a paintbrush to sensitize the majority of the fabric, and put a piece of cardboard in between the front and back of the shirt to keep the chemicals from staining the back.  To get the splatter effect, I used a glass dotting tool, and sort of jabbed it around the edges.  You could use a lot of things…the back of a paintbrush or anything with a rounded end.  You don’t actually want to splatter this because once it gets on your clothes, it will stain them permanently.

The image I used is my friend’s boot kicking water while we were sitting on a dock.  I wish I had the original to show you, but it’s not on my computer at the moment.

Hope you liked this slightly unusual post, let me know what you think!

~Makeup Morsels


8 thoughts on “Cyanotype

  1. Wow, that is so cool! I like your supermodel pose. 😀 And of course those must be Aerosoles! 😉

    (*giggles* He’s a riot. Glad you didn’t fall off your chair!)

  2. What? Your pose isn’t awkward at all! Mine, on the other hand, is truly awkward =.=

    I do enjoy a break from cosmetic posts, all that lemmings are not good for someone’s wallet!

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