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It’s One Hot Summer With Milani’s LE Collection

*Update: whoops, they actually don’t do an LE summer collection every year.  Sorry, my mistake!

Apparently, Milani does an LE summer collection every single year, but this is the first year they’ve sent out the press info to really market the range.  I wouldn’t have known about this collection any other way (have you guys ever heard of their summer products before??), so I thought I would share this information with you.  I have to say, some of these items look very cool, but I wish Milani made them available all summer long, instead of just during July.

Paint Eyeshadow Palette

Bright shadow lovers, here’s a nice little palette for you!  I haven’t personally tried this one out, but from the swatches I’ve seen, it looks like a decent mix of colors for $7.99.  Plus, besides Sleek, I can’t think of any other affordable brands that do matte neon eyeshadows.

High Speed Fast Dry One Coat Formula Nail Lacquer

These feature a ‘new flat brush’ and a formula that’s supposed to dry in 60 seconds.  No idea whether or not these actually dry that quickly, but look at those colors!  I’m loving the orangey-coral shade, plus the teal and royal blue.

Shades: Purple Rush, Instantaneous Blue, Racy Green, Fast Fuchsia, Jiffy Orange, Violet Dash, Yellow Whiz, & Hot Pink Frenzy.

Color Streaks

Ok, I know these won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I got so excited when I saw these!  Use them to give your hair a pop of color and sparkle, and you can easily wash it out with some shampoo at the end of the day.  The formula also contains Keratin to help strengthen your hair.  I’ll have a review of these coming up next week, and I think they’re a fun treat at $6.99 each.

Shades: Fun in Red, Solid in Gold, Cool in Blue, Awesome in Purple, & Dramatic Shimmer.

Haute Flash Lip Gloss

Last up are these insanely pigmented lip glosses in four gorgeous shades.  If you think these remind you of something, I’m guessing you’re thinking along the lines of MAC (Vampy Varnish for swatches and comparisons).  If I see these around, I’m definitely grabbing the Flashy.  Each retails at $6.99.

Shades: Hot Flash, Flashy, In A Flash, Star Flash.

All products available at select CVS stores.

Anything catch your eye?

~Makeup Morsels

Stock images provided by PR.


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