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It’s SPF Time!

Actually, in my life, it’s always SPF time.  Remember when I promised not to do anymore sunscreen posts?  Buahaha, I have no idea what I was thinking!  Anyways, since the majority of you voted to see my new favorite face sunscreen, here it is!

*I apologize that this isn’t more readily available in the US, but since it’s inexpensive, I still thought I would share.  And if you live in Asia, great news, just walk into Watsons, and you’re good to go!

Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse Water Base SPF 50+ PA+++

Where do I even start with this one?  I first heard about it on the lovely Yasumi’s blog, and decided at once to try it out.  Then after purchasing 3 tubes, I decided to do some more research (yes, that should have gone in the other order, but I was too excited).  Every single review I found was overwhelmingly positive, to the point that I thought this stuff couldn’t possibly live up to all the hype.  Of course it did, or I wouldn’t be doing this review.

The texture is a bit of a paradox.  It’s weightless and airy, spreads like a dream, but is somehow deliciously creamy at the same time.  I feel like this would work for all skin types, since it contain hyaluronic acid (extremely moisturizing), yet doesn’t leave any residue behind.

So…beautiful… Swatch:

This is sparingly scented with some sort of citrus mix (reminds me of grapefruit), but it’s very light, and mostly just has a lotion-y smell.  All the reviews I read said this doesn’t leave a white cast, but I felt like it made me look a little bit paler in photographs.  It’s nothing super noticeable, though.

One thing that annoys me to no end about US drugstore sunscreen is that I never know how much UVA protection it offers (that’s going to change over the course of the next year, but at the moment, there’s just no way of telling).  Sunscreens from Asia denote UVA protection by the number of + signs next to PA, and PA +++ is as high as it gets.  As for the UVB protection, it’s more than necessary, but since I’m not paying extra for extra SPF, that’s fine with me (see my note at the bottom of this review).

If you don’t live in Asia, you can purchase this off of a variety of sites.  Most beauty bloggers seem to prefer Adam Beauty.  Unfortunately, it seems to be out of stock right now, but I’ll link the page here so you can check back.

I bought this from Taiwan for either 240元 or 340元 ($7.50 or $10.50, approximately), can’t quite remember which right now.  Annie, if you’re reading this, care to clarify?

Bloggers who have bought this from Adam Beauty list the price as $12-$14 plus shipping, which doesn’t seem too bad.  I guess that’s more expensive than US drugstore sunscreens, but I’ve never found a drugstore face sunscreen here that I care for (excluding high-end drugstore brands like LRP), and this one has even dethroned my previous HG from Lancome.

My rating: A+

Some additional tips for using sunscreen, because once I start talking about spf, I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut:

~A sunscreen that has somewhere around SPF 30 blocks out most UVB rays.  SPF protection looks a bit like an enzyme chart, where the amount of sun protection begins to plateau after spf 30-35.  So while it’s perfectly fine to buy SPF 100, it isn’t necessary, particularly if you’re paying a lot of extra money for it.

~Remember to apply about a quarter-sized amount to the face, and a small palm-puddle-full to the body.  If you don’t apply enough, you won’t be getting the amount of protection stated on the label.

~Re-apply spf once every 2-3 hours

~Chemical blocks should go on before any other skincare so they can fully absorb into your skin, physical blocks can go on whenever

~Sunscreen should be used all-year-round, not just in the summer or when you hit the beach *stern face*

Hope you’re all having a good day, and walking around with adequate sun protection!  😀

~Makeup Morsels


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  1. 我也用這支耶!!!

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