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Milani Color Streaks are…Magnifique!

I’m back to rhyming titles!  If you read Sunday’s preview post, then you know how excited I was about these temporary color streaks from Milani.

Milani Color Streaks

Sure they’re a little bit out there, but you only live once!

When I first tried these out, I was expecting them to deliver a solid streak of color, but the result is nothing like that.  Have you ever seen Hair Tinsel (modeled here by Beyoncé)?  Because this stuff looks exactly like Hair Tinsel once it’s on.  The mascara-wand applicator (speaking of which, please do not use these as mascara.  I’m only mentioning this because it says so on the tube, which means they’re worried someone out there might attempt it) catches individual strands of hair, so you end up with a colorful, sparkly piece of hair here and there.

top to bottom: Awesome in Purple, Cool in Blue

Milani Color Streaks in Dramatic Shimmer

left to right: Awesome in Purple, Cool in Blue, Dramatic Shimmer

Awesome in Purple is a bright, mid-tone purple with tons of gorgeous purply-red shimmer.  It’s very vibrant in the tube, and shows up nicely on my hair.  As you can probably tell from the closeup shot of the tube, the shimmer is very fine and well-interspersed.

Cool in Blue has the same type of shimmer, and is just as vibrant as its purple counterpart.  I love that the shade of blue they chose is not too dark.  It actually looks darker in the tube than it does on paper, where the base color shows up as a medium, almost sky blue with darker blue shimmer particles.

Dramatic Shimmer looks like a party in a tube, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, this one didn’t work too well for me.  First off, the base color is black, and pretty much blends right into my hair.  And while I admit to loving those super chunky, multicolored flakes of glitter, I only ever pick up one or two on the wand.  This one would probably look better on someone with a different hair color.

Since you’re probably curious to see how these look on my hair, I attempted a couple of shots, both featuring Cool in Blue:

Hopefully, you see what I mean about the Hair Tinsel resemblance!

To sum up, I love the effect I get from the Color Streaks (maybe they should name them Color Strands though, to be a bit more accurate), but mostly I love that they’re such a breeze to apply and remove.  Honestly, it doesn’t get any easier than this.  Once you comb through your hair a few times with the wand, the color takes about a minute to dry.  After that, you can run your fingers through your hair, and you won’t feel a thing.  The formula is a very thin liquid that dries to a weightless finish, so there’s none of that goopy sensation going on.  Oh, and it also contains keratin to help nourish the hair.

At $6.99 each, I think these Color Streaks are priced just right.  They’re available at select CVS stores during the month of July, so act quickly if you want to purchase one!  I think the gold shade in particular would look stunning on darker hair colors, must try and track that one down 😀

Thumbs up for:

An inexpensive way to spice up your hair routine for summer.  Easy to apply and remove, comes in a variety of shades.

Thumbs down for:

The only one I can think of here is that they’re only available during July, and granted might not be for everyone.

Final Decision:

This one’s a worthwhile purchase for me!  What about you?

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for review, either by a PR firm or directly from the manufacturer.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


9 thoughts on “Milani Color Streaks are…Magnifique!

  1. Oh, these are so cool! I would totally try these. I remember when hair mascara type things were totally all the rage back in the day…does that make me old? They do look like hair tinsel, but so much easier 😀

  2. I absolutely agree, I think gold will look very very nice on our dark hair. The other colours are way too subtle, but I can imagine them looking amazing on blondes, redheads! Ahhh, how I wish my hair is any other colour besides black! Btw, can we use this on our lashes?

  3. Pretty! I remember these types of things (though not by Milani) were really popular when I was in junior high and high school. That was 10-15 years ago. It’s kind of neat that it’s coming back.

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