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A Decorated Face, Inspired by Ellis Faas

Change of plans!  No Wigeon this week because this popped up in my mailbox the other day, and got me all nostalgic:

A decorated face is a way to show strength and pride. And playfulness! Life is a joke, so don’t forget to laugh.

Image courtesy of the lovely Ellis Faas PR peeps.

To see Ellis Faas herself wearing similar makeup, go to their home page.  Note: I had trouble getting it to load, but hopefully it works for you.

I really love that Ellis Faas did something like this, because I always think of their brand as being more of an everyday makeup line.

Anyways, it got me thinking of the artistic makeup I’ve done during my time as a beauty blogger.  Truthfully, I really love artistic makeup, but I don’t post it too often for two reasons.  Firstly, I think there are so many examples out there that make mine look…piddling.  Yes, piddling.  And second of all, this blog has always been chiefly focused on the practical, so I always wonder how many of you are actually going to try these things LOL.  I mean, I will be the first to admit that they are really out there.

This is the closest I ever got to ‘a decorated face.’  Some of you might recall it as my Halloween FOTD.  I did a step by step on it, so if you’re interested Part 1 & Part 2.

Now if you’re still interested, here is a little montage of all the artistic makeup I’ve ever posted on here:

Trial 1 was also known as The Snowflake Fail…  My exact words were, “That is a snowflake.  You might have to squint a lot to see it but it’s there.  Actually, the best way to see it is to close your eyes and think very hard.”

Things pick up with my next attempt at artistic makeup, which was the Halloween look pictured above.

Which actually turned out to be my finest moment, because after that, I started going a little bit crazy.  Hello, Kafka!

Then of course, the Dare to Wear look for Japan.  All things considered, this one was actually within my safety zone:

And lastly, the Mermaid Inspired EOTD, which I will do a tutorial for as soon as I get the time to redo the look:

There are some more ‘colorful’ eye looks that I didn’t include, because while they are more dramatic than what I wear on a day-to-day basis, I wouldn’t exactly qualify them as artistic.  Actually, the mermaid look barely maid the cut, but because I included that iridescent blue blob next to my eye, I figured it kinda works.

Do you guys prefer seeing tutorials for practical makeup you can actually wear outside the house, or do you enjoy tutorials for artistic makeup as well?

~Makeup Morsels


6 thoughts on “A Decorated Face, Inspired by Ellis Faas

  1. That mermaid makeup is one of your best, I think. I had a good idea for some artistic out-of-the-box makeup I want to try. It’s always good to mix things up.

  2. I like to see tutorials for artistic makeup, too, because let’s face it…I rarely experiment anyway (too chicken :p) ! And it’s nice to see a breakdown of what other people do when they end up with really cool looks 🙂

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