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LA Splash Spring ’11 Collection Makes A Splash

What’s that you say?  Spring?

Various products from the LA Splash Spring ’11 Collection

These pictures have been sitting on my hard drive for awhile, and I realized that I needed to let them see the light of day.  Actually, they’re from so far back (pre-lightbox days) that I ended up reshooting the entire collection.  And fret not, this collection might have been released for spring, but the products are still available!

back to front: Irresistible Smudge Proof Automatic Eye Pencil in Deluxe Mauve, Tamed Brow Gel & Pencil Duo in Profound, Diamond Lux Intense Color Eyeshadow in Wild Orchid

Spotlight Lengthening Mascara in Pitch Black (this one’s part of the permanent lineup, not the spring collection)

Lash Tease Eyelash Extensions in Clubbing

The Irresistible Smudge Proof Automatic Eyeliner reminds me a lot of the Revlon Colorstay liners.  It’s smooth, but not butter-smooth like UD 24/7 pencils.  The twist-up packaging ensures that you won’t waste any product, and the formula has good staying power.  This smudged on me a tiny bit by the end of the day, but considering the fact that almost everything smudges on me, that’s pretty good.  The shade I have is called Deluxe Mauve, and is a matte, grayish-purple.  I’m not super fond of the color, just because I prefer brights for colored liner.

Retail price: $5.99

I love the handy design of the Tamed Brow Gel & Pencil Duo.  It’s got a pencil on one side, tinted gel on the other, and awesome animal-print in between.  The pencil is very creamy and pigmented, so make sure to apply with a light hand.  The gel also has nice pigmentation, and is handy for keeping your brow hairs in place.  I don’t like using gel, since it has that wet feeling (well duh), but if you don’t have a problem with it, check this out.  My one complaint about this product is that, like most drugstore brands, the brow shades are all on the warm side, and don’t work with my skintone/hair color.  I have Profound, the second-to-lightest shade, which should work well for those with medium brown hair.

Retail price: $7.99

The Diamond Lux Intense Color Eyeshadow is my favorite product from this collection.  The texture of the shadow is amazing, especially for the price.  It’s extremely smooth, and applies best when I use my fingers.  Also, it’s got a pretty floral pattern embossed into the pan!  Color payoff is good, and the shadow applies smoothly.  I have the shade Wild Orchid, which is a plummy, shimmery purple.  Gorgeous.

Retail price: $5.49

Woot for light-up mascaras!  Spotlight Lengthening Mascara features two little lights that automatically turn on whenever I open the cap.  Handy for clubs, I suppose, but I don’t visit many any of those.  I love the mirror on the back though, it’s perfect for applying on-the-go.  The formula is on the wet side, and builds up without any clumps.  It lengthens well enough, but I like to see a little bit more drama from my mascaras, since my lashes are short and wimpy.  Pitch black is a true black color.  I’d be happier with this if they threw out the lights (but kept the mirror) and knocked a couple of dollars off the price.

Retail price: $9.99

Last up are the Lash Tease Eyelash Extensions.  The Clubbing style is definitely on the dramatic side, too dramatic for me to wear out, but they’re good for tutorials and artistic eye looks.  Despite their heavy appearance, the lashes apply easily, and feel very light and comfortable on my eyes.

Retail price: $4.99


Irresistible Smudge Proof Automatic Eye Pencil in Deluxe Mauve

Tamed Brow Gel & Pencil Duo in Profound (gel on the left, pencil on the right)

Diamond Lux Intense Color Eyeshadow in Wild Orchid

Spotlight Lengthening Mascara in Pitch Black, multiple coats

Lash Tease Eyelash Extensions in Clubbing

Thumbs up for

The affordable prices, product selection, and overall good formulas.

Thumbs down for

Colors available (for the brow duo), and not-so-wearable false lashes.

Final decision

This collection is definitely worth checking out, particularly the eyeshadows (I still can’t get over how nice that formula is).  LA Splash products are available at ULTA and a few other retail locations (see here, bottom of the page).

~Makeup Morsels

P.S. Have you seen Harry Potter yet?  I just watched it today 😀  omg why is the movie theatre completely packed on Monday morning?!  I know it’s Harry Potter, but wow…

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for review, either by a PR firm or directly from the manufacturer.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


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