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Introducing VS Fantasies

*eyebrow raise*

What’s your VS fantasy?

I love that Victoria’s Secret constantly has something new going on.  VS Fantasies is their latest Bath & Body care range, with 14 scents ranging from fruity to floral to warm.

Behind the scenes at the VS Fantasies shoot:

Adriana Lima is so gorgeous…

The scents:

Flirty Florals: Love Spell, Pure Seduction, Lost in Fantasy, Ravishing Love, Wild Scarlet

Tempting Fruits: Pear Glace, Mango Temptation, Strawberries and Champagne

Soft Florals: Sheer Love, Secret Charm, Endless Love

Seductive Warms: Amber Romance, Coconut Passion, Vanilla Lace

VS Angel Candice Swanepoel at the launch event

Each scent comes in 6 different products:

Fragrance Mist – $12

Hydrating Body Lotion – $12

Ultra-moisturizing Hand & Body Cream – $12

Daily Body Wash – $10

Deep Softening Body Butter – $12

Smoothing Body Scrub – $10

All products are available in stores and online right now.

Anything catch your eye?  Sheer love sounds interesting to me, a clean floral would be perfect for summer.  And Pear Glace!  Yum…

~Makeup Morsels

Stock images provided by PR.


6 thoughts on “Introducing VS Fantasies

  1. I only have one Victoria’s Secret product. It’s in Pure Seduction, which gets quite overwhelming sometimes. Sheer Love looks great! I love light scents 😀

      • My favorite scent from VS is Incredible, which I’m guessing you won’t like. Off the top of my head, you might want to try Love Bitten from the VS Attractions collection. It’s a clean apple scent, and relatively light. The prices from that collection are higher than this one, but I believe they have a 2/$24 or 3/$30 deal for those.

  2. Adriana Lima is my fave VS girl~ She just looks so cheerful all the time!

    Those scents sound divine, would love to sniff Secret Charm, hopefully it has some secret ingredients inside that will charm everyone that I meet when I wear it hahaha~

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