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Summer Lemming Alert: Burberry Lip Mists

You’ve probably already seen pictures of these lipsticks floating around the internet, but just in case you haven’t, I must share.

Nothing makes my heart go pitter-patter quite like a gorgeous tube of lipstick, and this new(ish) offering from Burberry certainly fits the bill.  The Burberry Lip Mist range contains 9 shades, characterized by their effortless application, sheer shine finish, and natural hint of color.

Look at that packaging!

If that’s not drool-worthy, I don’t know what is.

The formula is billed as lightweight and creamy, with a “gelled structure” for excellent glide and control.  Sounds like the perfect low-maintenance, high-end lippie.

Lip Mists come in the following shades:

No.201 Cinnamon

No.202 Copper

No.203 Brown Sugar

No.204 Chestnut

No.205 Rosy Red

No.206 Blueberry

No.207 Camelia Pink

No.208 Stormy Pink

No.209 Feather Pink

Available now.

What do you think?  Are you lemming these as much as I am?

~Makeup Morsels

Stock image and product information provided by PR.


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