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Ellis Faas’ Sizzling Summer Set

Before I dive into this review, I just want to bring you all up to speed on my site.  As you can probably tell, things look different!  There are still elements I need to work on, but think of this as a mock-up of what the blog will look like from now on.  If you look at the menu bar, the top row has all the usual pages.  Below that, I’ve added menus that will help you sort through my posts.  For example, reviews are now sorted by both category and price point.  I’m also going to try to add a “Brands” list under reviews, but since I need to go through about 500 posts and update all of them, that will take awhile!  Anyways, please let me know what you think of the changes (but don’t tell me you like the old one better, because I might just break something.  It was a lot of work).

And onto the review!

About a month ago, I showed you a preview of this cute little set from my favorite high-end brand, Ellis Faas.  Basically, they stuck three summery products together, and shaved some money off the price.

First up is a product that should sound familiar: Ellis Faas Lights!  The shade (E303 “bronze”) is one I’ve reviewed before here, and is absolutely perfect for summer.

Old swatch here, E303 is in the middle:

I’ve been wearing this shade full intensity since I first started using it, but for whatever reason, it never occurred to me that I could sheer it out!  At least, not until I saw the lovely Rae’s swatch, and then it hit me like a stack of encyclopedias.  Or something.

Sheered out for a wash of bronze, easy everyday look:

And my personal favorite, worn à la crazy lady:

As I’ve said before, Ellis Lights are utterly unique.  They’re also versatile, as you can wear them for almost any occasion.

Next up is Glazed Lips L309, also known as clear lipgloss, Ellis Faas style.

The gloss comes with a brush applicator, and has an almost balm-like texture.  It’s not at all sticky or thick, it just feels very comfortable and moisturizing.

It imparts a gorgeous, subtle sheen to the lips:

I must say though, no matter how beautiful and long-wearing, a clear gloss will always be just that.  This is the only product in the set I wish they had swapped out for something with color, since Ellis Faas makes some of the best color lip products ever.  I know that gloss is easy-peasy for summer, but lots of other clear lipglosses are easily available, pretty much everywhere you look.

The last item is the Blush S303, which comes with a showerhead applicator.  Ellis Faas’ blushes sport a creamy finish and excellent wear time.  In addition, they glide onto the cheeks like butter, and blend with ease.

S303 is a warm brown, which can be worn as either blush or bronzer.  I love that I can wear this even when my skintone is a self-tanner-free NC15.  It adds that touch of sun to my face, and blends seamlessly into my actual skin, always looking natural.

When swatched straight from the brush, the blush contains subtle golden shimmers.  However, when I blend it out, the shimmers are invisible:

left: sheered out, right: straight from the tube

The set retails at $85 for three products, but if you purchased them separately, it would cost you $109.  Yes, Ellis Faas products are pricey, but they consistently offer some of the best colors and formulas that I have ever seen.  As for the price, I’m a little bit on the fence about it.  Yes, they’re knocking $19 off and all the products are full-sized, but I just don’t think that a clear gloss is worth it.  It’s a lovely product, but there are some makeup items that are so common that it does not make sense to spend extra on them.  Just my two cents.

And remember, Ellis Faas is doing $1, 1 euro, 1 pound shipping right now (click here for more information on that).

Thumbs up for

Perfect colors and textures, the fact that they tried to ‘tie’ these products together to make them more affordable, the good range of products (eyes, lips, cheeks).

Thumbs down for

The price and the clear gloss.

Final decision

Long wearing, flattering shades.  You really couldn’t ask for more.  Ultimately, it depends on your feelings towards clear gloss.  I would probably just buy the other two products, and leave it at that, but everyone’s different, right?

Oh, and an additional tip, sometimes the click pens dispense way too much product.  I usually keep the overflow in a contact case (that I’ve sanitized, of course), and use it up over the course of the week.

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for review, either by a PR firm or directly from the manufacturer.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


10 thoughts on “Ellis Faas’ Sizzling Summer Set

    • Yeah, it’s the best clear gloss I’ve ever used, but at the end of the day clear gloss is clear gloss. Why thank you, that was me mindlessly piling on eye makeup one day. Glad to hear you call that creative xD

  1. Oops, forgot to comment on your new layout. I am loving that pic of you EATING! Hahaha! My kinda girl. 😉 I’m wondering what food it is? I’m really loving the drop down menus you have especially the “price points” category which I think will be beneficial to a lot of peeps.

    • LOL thanks for your positive feedback! The thing is that for the categories and price points, I’m slowly going through said 500 posts to update all of them *bangs head on desk multiple times* so I definitely hope it will be helpful!

      It’s a plate of Gooey White Chocolate Marshmallow Bars I baked the other day, recipe and post coming next Friday. omg totally reminds me that I have a bunch of new restaurant recs for you, emailing you right now!

  2. The new layout is very pretty and neat, love it!

    I think this is a lovely set but I agree with you about the clear gloss. I’d rather they had included a more pigmented gloss for the price but at least the quality is good.

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