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Tasty TGIF Tidbits 8/5/11: My Bananigans Fail

This post is mainly for Larie.  If you generally ignore these types of things on my blog, that’s perfectly ok.  I know I have a weird sense of humor 🙂  On the other hand, if you find bananigans as amusing as I do (bananigans = banana related shenanigans), keep reading!

The other day, Larie sent me this post, and omg is this not the most brilliant thing you’ve ever seen??

Part of me wanted to high-tail it straight to the nearest supermarket, but it would be pretty embarrassing if I was caught toothpicking bananas, and I had no doubt that I would be caught, as I am probably the least discreet person I know.  Imagine my joy when I discovered a fresh bunch of bananas on my kitchen counter!  Talk about meant to be!

I couldn’t decide between a semi-creepy message or a semi-sleazy one.  I ended up writing both in invisible toothpick:

In case you can’t quite make it out, the bananas say “I see you.  How you doin?”

While I gleefully waited for the text to darken, I baked some cake bars (recipe and post next Friday).

…and ate them…and scooped up servings for the rest of my family…

…and finally realized, I am the only person in my entire family who eats bananas before they’re super-ripe.  No one so much as glanced at the bananas.

I went to sleep deeply troubled, trying to think of a suitable Plan B.

The next morning, I had it.  Over breakfast, I innocently told my mom, “I think the bananas are talking.”

I half-expected her to ignore me, since I sprout nonsense like that on a regular basis.  I think she was in a good mood that particular morning, because she actually went to the kitchen.  I know, right?  If my kid told me the bananas were talking, I’d probably just pat him/her on the head and say “Good job.”

Anyways, she stood in front of the bananas while pretending to listen, and then told me, “They’re not talking.”

“No,” I insisted, “Look at them.”

“Ok,” she said, without sparing the bananas a single glance, “I looked at them.  They’re not talking.”

Finally, I had to climb out of my chair, grab the banana bunch, and hold it in front of her face, while pointing at the messages.

She just stared at me.  In an attempt to encourage her sense of humor, I collapsed on the floor laughing.  She walked away.

Refusing to give up, I went to my dad.

“Look!”  I shouted, “Look at the bananas!”

He looked.

See you…how you now.  What does that mean?”

I gave up after that.

Anyways, the point of this story is…

When life gives you bananas, don’t fail as massively as I did.

~Makeup Morsels


2 thoughts on “Tasty TGIF Tidbits 8/5/11: My Bananigans Fail

  1. Lmao, this is so fabulous. My parents would probably have acted the same way! I want to try this around S. He eats bananas at all stages of ripeness (gross :P).

    • Yay for totally ridiculous things like this!

      blech, don’t like them after they start getting brown spots. I’m picky that way xD I think this goes without saying, but if you try it, you MUST send me pictures.

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