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New Products from Rouge Bunny Rouge

*A hint for tomorrow’s giveaway: sun-related skincare, but it doesn’t contain spf.  Ohh…mysterious!

And now, I have an update from Rouge Bunny Rouge.  Remember their A Cappella collection?  They’ve just released a few new products that tie in with the look.

The first new addition is their Gentle Cleansing Water, “Captured Mist of Serenity.” The new Gentle Cleansing Water was originally made for sensitive skin. It includes Cornflower water to calm your skin; further it hydrates and refreshes every single time you use it.

A second novelty is a new waterproof Long-lasting Eye Pencil, which comes in exciting shades. The twist mechanism makes sure you always have the pencil ready to use.

Lastly, RBR has a new colour announcement as well: ‘Vasco’, one new shade of their Long-lasting Lip Pencils. It’s a cherry blossom powder pink, especially recommended for lighter skin types.

What do you think of these new releases?  Vasco sounds like a gorgeous color to me.

~Makeup Morsels

Stock image and collection information provided by PR.


4 thoughts on “New Products from Rouge Bunny Rouge

    • It does sound pretty, I bet it would work nicely with your skintone too! Unfortunately, I don’t have it on hand to swatch, but I’m sure you could easily find swatches online.

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