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Tasty TGIF Tidbits: Apple Blossoms

I was originally going to show you guys my extra-awesome sewing project today, but I’ve been very busy this week, so I didn’t have time to take pictures.

The good thing is that I’ve always got lots of food photos sitting on my hard drive!

I shop at Trader Joe’s more than any other grocery store, and I’ve found that their pre-cooked frozen foods are usually quite tasty.  I picked up this box of Apple Blossoms the other week:

You can bake them or microwave them.  I microwaved them because I was feeling extra lazy.

I think the box was $3 something, but I’m not sure.  These would probably taste better baked, since microwaving makes the crust go soggy.  Would not recommend these, especially since there are so many other delicious things at TJ’s.

In other news, I’ve lemming Fyrinnae eyeshadows like a crazy person.  It’s really weird, since I’ve known about the brand for about a year now and didn’t feel compelled to buy anything from them.  Call it a delayed lemming if you will, because it just hit me today.  For the past hour, I’ve been googling swatches and compiling a wishlist like a crazy person…too bad the site is down right now.

Actually, my wallet thinks that’s a good thing.  Difference of opinion, I guess.

If you’ve tried Fyrinnae shadows in the past, let me know if there are any colors in particular that are worth getting!

~Makeup Morsels


8 thoughts on “Tasty TGIF Tidbits: Apple Blossoms

  1. Not tasty? But it has apples and sugar and pie crust…sigh. So disappointing.

    There’s a restaurant here that makes an *amazing* apple pie. It actually tastes like apples, rather than just cinnamon sugar! And the crust is chewy without being gummy…it’s divine.

    • I know, I was convinced this would be a hit! But the crust let me down, and then I thought about how I could go to McDonald’s and get 2 pies for $1 that tasted better than these…so depressing.

      Ah, any chance you could get that restaurant to move across the street from my house?

  2. Looks uber delish, I love anything apple! You should buy another box and bake them hahaha ;D

    I have heard a lot of TJ? or was it Whole Foods? Idk.. haha from juicystar on YT. She mentioned that the food sold there are very tasty.

  3. Okay, wow, I haven’t been on blogger/twitter/your blog lately, but woah! New layout/design! I like I like! 😀 I need to go to TJ’s more, there’s so much I want to try! And their free samples of cheese…mmmm, I love cheese ahaha.

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