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Makeup Morsels Best Of Summer ’11

I thought that it was high time to start doing seasonal highlights on this blog, and I realized I’d better get this summer list up while the products are still available!  These seasonal lists will be more casual and less thorough than the annual ones (in fact, I’m saving some of the products that were originally going to appear here for the yearly roundup).

Starting off with Sunglasses!

You can’t shouldn’t apply sunscreen on your eyeballs, so remember to protect your peepers with sunglasses.  I tend to buy inexpensive ones for everyday wear, just in case they run off and disappear.  I liked the cheery orange frame on this pair from H&M, and I’ve been throwing them into my bag all summer long.

Bioré UV Aqua Rich Water Mousse SPF 50+ PA+++

Don’t forget sun protection for your face and body!  Also remember to cover the backs of your hands and tops of your feet, since it can be easy to forget about those two areas.  My favorite find for face sunscreen this year is this light-as-air version from Bioré.  For those of you who don’t live in Asia, try AdamBeauty, which seems to be a popular source for bloggers from the UK and US.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (on the right)

This dirt-cheap powder from Rimmel has been a Makeup Morsels favorite for nearly three years now.  I wish the packaging was a little nicer, but for $5, I can forgive them, especially since one pan lasts forever and ever (that’s still my first pan in the picture).  It tones down my oily t-zone without looking too matte, gives a subtly airbrushed look, and never irritates my skin.

Edy’s Goji White Grape Popsicles

I was recently introduced to these delicious popsicles by Larie of Eye Heart It.  They come in a box with two other flavors, both of which are yummy, but can’t compete with this one.  Plus they’re sort of healthy, especially compared to the other cold summer treats I eat.  My only wish is that Edy’s would make an all Goji White Grape flavored box.  I bought mine at Ralph’s.

Lavera Sunless Tanner*

If you want to get nice and glowy for summer, do it right with a sunless tanner.  I was impressed with this all-natural offering from Lavera, which smelled pleasant and delivered beautiful, streak-free color.  Best of all, I’ve used it on both my face and my body with excellent results.  I’m still halfway through my tube, but I’m adding this to my repurchase list as soon as I run out of it.

Aerosoles Bora Bora Wedges

I’ll be sad when school starts, and I have to step out of these wedges, and back down to earth.  Into flats.  Which, ironically, are supremely uncomfortable, and make me trip and fall all over the place.

Burberry Summer for Women 2011*

I was pleasantly surprised by this refreshing summer fragrance from Burberry.  To my nose, it’s a splash of icy lemonade mixed with white florals.  While this is too light for me to wear year-round, I’ll continue breaking it out every time it gets warm outside.  If you’re tired of overly fresh and watery fragrances for summertime, give this one a sniff.  (P.S. It’s available at Sephora right now, and qualifies for free shipping).

That about wraps it up!  What were your summer favorites this year?

~Makeup Morsels

Press samples denoted by asterisks (*).  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


10 thoughts on “Makeup Morsels Best Of Summer ’11

  1. Everyone loves Burberry Summer! I smelled it and wasn’t wowed, but maybe I need to go back again 😛 And yes! Let’s write to Edy’s and demand full boxes of Goji White Grape!!!

    • I think it’s one of those ‘crowd-pleas-er’ scents that’s not too generic. But then again, everyone has really different scent preferences, so many this one just wasn’t for you.

      We seriously need to! Or, they could make a box with Goji White Grape + Lime + more Goji White Grape. I wouldn’t mind that either.

  2. Why didn’t the uber important UV umbrella make the list?! 😛 Or will be it featured on your yearly roundup? And yes, sunnies are a definite must! I don’t like the thought of putting sunscreen on my eyeballs. 😉 Off the top of my head, I’d have to say my faves were the Shiseido sunscreen I blogged about not too long ago and Magnum ice cream bars…hehe.

    (No flour, sugar, butter, or eggs? You guys are one healthy family! What do you typically cook with then?)

    • Because I wasn’t able to go back to Taiwan this year, and that’s really the only place where I carry a UV umbrella every single day xD I remember that one! When I run out of sunscreen (in two billion years), I’ll look for that.

      You know, people say that a lot, but I think it’s more along the lines of my parents are really busy, and cooking is tiring after a long day. I on the other hand, sometimes want to cook something and then realize I only have 2 ingredients on the entire list 😀 Plus, our stove is very temperamental and I’m always afraid I’ll burn down the house.

      Anyways, my mom usually throws whatever vegetables we have into boiling water. And then she’ll either make something else to go with it, usually eggs and tomato/tofu and onions, or we’ll get takeout from wherever and use that as a side dish.

  3. Love those shoes, they are really pretty.

    And I’m curious to smell Burberry Summer now. It’s not the kind of fragrance that’d usually appeal to me, but the icy lemonade description intrigues me a bit..

    • I love them too, I keep them right by the door b/c I’ve been wearing them every day lately 🙂

      I think the official notes say citrus or orange or something, but to me it smells a lot like lemonade, which is lovely and summery!

  4. What’s that bronzer on the left? Is it NYC sunny? I really want to try that, it’s been on the top of my list… what do you think? and what have you heard, if that isn’t really what i think it is and i’m just a psycho feasting on your blog too much.

    • No, it’s a bronzer from Jane. I saw it in one of Xteeener’s videos when I was just starting out with makeup, and I bought it b/c it’s drugstore+matte. Sorry, I don’t really pay attention to bronzers b/c I hardly ever use them, so I can’t tell you much about NYC Sunny.

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