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Trind: The Secret to Ad-Worthy Fingernails

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I’ve already introduced you to Trind’s nail polishes, but today I’m going to cover the nail care portion of the brand, which is what they’re best known for.

A little background on my nails before I get into the review.  I’ve been playing piano for years, so I always used to keep my nails extremely short.  Here’s what they looked like before:

When I started to let my nails grow out, they kept splitting and peeling.  I suspect it was partly because they weren’t used to being long, and partly because they were thin and dry and generally uncared-for.

The extremely condensed version of this review is that yes, I definitely saw results with Trind.  I actually had a friend ask me about my bare naked nails when we were sitting in class one day, they looked so good (not to toot my own horn or anything.  Except that’s exactly what I’m doing :P)

Trind sells their treatments in kits as well as individually, so I’ll go over the items in their Perfect System Kit, which contains a wide range of their nail care products.

Natural Nail Repair comes in their classic lucite bottle.  It’s a strengthening treatment that you brush onto your nails.  Trind’s version is unique because it adds a layer of hardness to your natural nails, but still allows for some flexibility so your nails don’t become brittle and chip off (a problem I’ve had with nail treatments in the past).  *Note: this smells like regular nail polish, so don’t stick your nose in the bottle expecting essential oils or anything.

Extra Mild Cuticle Remover does exactly what it sounds like.  I don’t like to push my cuticles back, so I didn’t use this very much.  I did brush it onto one nail, though, and it was both gentle and effective.  After letting the remover soak in, your cuticles become softer, and you can push them back with the included Manicure Sticks (not pictured).

Hand Repair is a good size, containing more product that your average hand cream.  The formula is light and sinks in quickly, but still packs a lot of moisture.  It has a light, generic lotion scent, and doesn’t leave any residue on my skin.

Nail-Magic is a double sided nail shaper/buffer.  I prefer to use a crystal file, so I left the shaper side untouched, and just used the buffer.  Trind’s version works well, but you can find many similar options at drugstores.

The two products that really blew me away were Trind’s Cuticle Basalm (pink) and Nail Basalm (green).

Both smell yummy-to-the-max, a cross between fruity (smells like peach to me) and a light floral blend.  I can’t stop sniffing my nails after I apply these, which sounds sketchy, but it’s true.  The formula is different from anything I’ve ever seen on the market, in that it’s not greasy at all.  It’s a light, slightly-thicker-than-water liquid that absorbs right into the nail/cuticle.  The hydration I get from this is truly amazing.  You know that white cast your nails get when you step out of the shower or remove your manicure?  This takes care of that in no time.  I even carry these in my makeup bag, so I can have them on hand whenever I want.

The Trind Perfect System retails at $79.95, with the individual treatments going for about $21 each.  (Other items in the set vary in pricing, you can see everything on their website).

I was also sent a bottle of their Acetone-Free Polish Remover, which isn’t part of the set.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle was the strong chemical scent.  So I closed it.  The remover itself works well and doesn’t dry out my nails as much as acetone-based removers do, but I prefer my removers to smell pleasant.  I’m sticking to my scented remover (that, ironically, is chock-full of acetone) for now.  This one retails at $8.95 if you’re curious.

I also want to thank the patient folks at Trind for answering my billion-and-one questions.  There are a couple of things that I thought you might be curious about too, so I’ll include them here.

Why is it necessary to remove Nail Repair every day?  Also, does it contain formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin?

Once the product has cured the nail has already absorbed the protein. Each new application gives the nail more protein.  It is important to note that once you’ve [applied Nail Repair daily for two weeks] you should use the nail repair only once a week afterwards.

Nail Repair only contains a formaldehyde resin which is a by-product. All gases are expelled during production. Parts per million of formaldehyde resin in the nail repair is far less than what is in carpet, clothing during transport and that new car smell that we all love so much.

Nail Basalm and Cuticle Basalm seem to have similar formulas.  Can I use them interchangeably?

The balsams each have different absorption rates. They cannot be interchanged.

Thumbs up for

Completely innovative Basalm product.  The Nail Repair is also one of the best nail strengtheners I’ve tried, and overall, the treatments work together effectively to deliver stronger, healthier nails.

Availability is pretty good as well.  I couldn’t find an online store for the US, but the one I linked above is for Canadian residents.  You can also buy them in store.  Trind sells in over 25 countries worldwide, retail locator here.

Thumbs down for

The price.  No getting around the fact that these are high-end nail products.

Final decision

Not every product is absolutely must-have, but a few of these are the best I’ve come across.  I’m not one to ever spend $20 on a nail polish, but I will make allowances for quality nail care.  If you have the budget to afford the Perfect System Kit, it does allow you to save some money.  However, if your budget only allows for one item max, then I’d advise you to identify your main nail concern before choosing your treatment.  My nails are at their worst when they dry out, so Nail Basalm made the biggest difference to me.  If your nails are weak but not too dry, then I would recommend the Nail Repair, and if you concentrate nail care on your cuticles, then I would say go for the Cuticle Basalm (if Scrangie likes it, it should be good enough for everyone, since that girl is the cuticle queen).  These are my top three picks, and each is well worth the price.

Do you use nail treatments?  Have you tried Trind before?

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for consideration, either by a PR firm or directly from the manufacturer.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


16 thoughts on “Trind: The Secret to Ad-Worthy Fingernails

  1. Yep, I hear you! Played piano for years, too, and never painted them. When I finally decided to grow them out and paint them, they got all dry and papery and peeled faster than…than…potatoes? 😛 (Oh, so very very tired :P) Now I rock climb and do other awful things to them, lol, so they really don’t stand a chance! 😀

  2. Those ARE some good-looking nails.

    Yeah…piano..I’m sort of a late-bloomer to the instrument. I took a group piano class a few years ago and the teacher suggested I cut my long nails.

    Well..I didn’t. I like long nails too much to sacrifice them for the music. I can still play, so that’s good enough for me.

    • Aw, thanks Trisha! hahah, I can still play with my nails at this length, but it’s much easier to do it with short nails. And I didn’t even know you could take group piano classes, did you take turns playing, or did you play on separate pianos at the same time? I am intrigued!

  3. Ahh wow! Your nails do look amazingly healthy after using the nailcare system! :O I only ever have one nail which spilts, without fail – my middle one on my left hand!

    You’re such a good girl! Keeping your nails short when you play piano! I never used to have mine short enough..so I’d play in a slightly awkward flat-fingered way to avoid my pinao teacher from noticing the click-click of my nails on the keyboard! Teeheee…

    • I know, I couldn’t stop looking at them when they first started growing out hahah. That’s so strange! o.O Although my ring fingernails tend to split more than my other ones just because they’re flimsier than my other ones.

      I had to cut them so that the nail doesn’t show over the finger when you look at your hand palm-towards-you. My teacher had me doing CRAZAY SCALES, so I couldn’t move my fingers as quickly when I didn’t play right on the tip.

  4. your nails look really good! I put the nail repair on my wishlist to try later. 🙂

    I like how the basalms smell good. nail products usually have serious chemical smells that give me headaches all the time

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