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And So It Begins…

Hello my pretties!

I’m sorry I’ve fallen behind commenting on your lovely blogs these last couple of days.  I’m a full-time student again, and even though this blog is my baby, school will always come first.  For example, instead of putting up a review today like I was planning to, I need to work on an article instead.  So that is what I’m going to do.

(Everyone likes food pictures, right?)  Gratuitous food shot:

Kimchi pancake + peach bars, both made by yours truly.

That picture isn’t even edited.  I always edit my food pictures.  WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD?!

I don’t share a whole lot of advice on here because I’m still young and clueless, but I wanted to share a life lesson with all of you today.

Don’t drive on the wrong side of the road.  It’s very not good.  I’m telling you because I know from very recent *as in today* experience.  This one guy who looked me straight in the eye, and said, “I’d be willing to get in your car, I don’t value my life that much.”

I promise to have a real beauty post up on Thursday, plus the requisite Wigeon tomorrow.  Hit me up with your life lessons in the comments 😀

~Makeup Morsels


12 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

  1. Omg, what happened? Sounds scary. 😦 On a lighter note, the food you made looks really delish! And aw, who cares that you didn’t edit it? Heck, you know I don’t w/ my pics…lol. But you’re good at it, so I don’t blame you for freaking out a bit. 😛 School always comes first. Good luck w/ that article! 😀

  2. Eek, who is driving on the wrong side of the road???

    And oooh, kimchi pancakes 😀 And peach bars! I want! What recipe did you use for the peach bars, btw?

  3. I do agree with you. School comes first. The food looks so delicious and I am drooling (although I just had lunch!)

    Life lesson: don’t compare yourself with others. If you do so, you only set yourself up to fail.

  4. ooh, I haven’t had a kimchi pancake in forever! yours looks pretty tasty.

    and OMG at your life lesson. I actually did that at night (unintentionally) about five years ago and it was absolutely terrifying. erm, and a life lesson I haven’t been following is ‘don’t be lazy.’ I’ve just been procrastinating on everything lately and it’s worrisome.

  5. Here’s a lesson: At night in late summer in Montana: drive everywhere. Don’t walk or bike. There are bears.

    Yes, I know by experience. And yes, I was lucky to be in a car. And yes, that bear was adorable both times I saw it. 😉

      • Well, it was black, so it might have been a black bear. But I hear black bears and grizzly bears are really hard to distinguish between. So…. *shrug*

        And the first time I saw that bear, just a few weeks ago, was the first time I saw a bear outside of a zoo. Now I’m a real Montanan. 😉

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