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Ellis Faas Autumn ’11 Set

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Ellis Faas is releasing another set for the fall.  This season’s bundle includes petrol-coloured Milky Eyes E204, black mascara E401 and deep-cherry Creamy Lips L102.

I’m glad to see a colored lip product in the fall set, since my main issue with the summer release was the clear gloss.  It sounds like the items will work well together to create a classic fall look.

Available now for $80.  Will you be indulging in some Ellis Faas?

~Makeup Morsels

P.S. I haven’t done an EOTD in awhile, so I want to announce a super-secret FOTD collaboration coming up on Monday.  Make sure you check back to see what the super-secret-ness is all about 😀

Stock image provided by PR.


4 thoughts on “Ellis Faas Autumn ’11 Set

  1. lol if you hadn’t listed what was included, I would not have been able to tell what anything is in the photo. it the lipstick bandit collab with theNotice and other peeps I don’t know?! …..I may have stalked you guys on twitter.. >.>

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