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The Legend of the Lipstick Bandits

There was once a group of lovely ladies called The Lipstick Bandits.  They were the terror of many-a-makeup-stash.  As fellow bandit Dani put it, “We climbin’ in yo windows, snatchin’ yo lipsticks up.”

Oh, right.  And I’m a member.  Be very afraid.

I pretty much made winged this entire look, so there are no step-by-step pictures this time.  However, I can offer up some simple instructions:

1. Prime face and apply foundation.

2. Clip a piece of lace over your face.  Pat a black eyeshadow over the lace to create a ‘mask.’

3. Apply black liner to the upper lashline, and wing it out.

4. Some weird stuff going on in the lower lashline area.  If I were to redo this look, I’d just add some more black liquid liner.

5. Apply a metallic, green-gold liquid liner or cream shadow on top of the black liner.

6. Finish the eyes off with false lashes and rhinestones.  I attached the rhinestones with lash glue and a grease pencil.

7. Apply your bright red lippie, and you’re good to go!  Since I’m a Lipstick Bandit, I should probably tell you that I used Revlon Fire & Ice, which you might remember from this post.

Another shot of the eyes:

And one of the lips:

And because I am severely lacking in that quality which is often referred to as ‘self respect,’ this is what a lipstick bandit caught-in-the-act looks like:


It was lots of fun doing this collab with my fellow bandits.  Check out their looks below!






~Makeup Morsels

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