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Tasty TGIF Tidbits: Drumroll Please… (And Salad)

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I’ve been making this one salad on and off for the past couple of weeks, and I wanted to share it with you.  The base is just mixed greens, or you can use whatever type of leafy vegetable you like.  For the ‘mix-ins’ (mix-ins is an ice cream term, isn’t it?  What do you call those other salad ingredients again?), I’ve done a couple of different combinations, but both contain avocado.  I love avocado, even after that unfortunate avocado incident that ended up with me in the ER, but that’s a story for another day.

Combination 1: Mixed baby greens, avocado (cut into chunks, not slices), chopped tomatoes, almonds, chopped canned artichokes, ground black pepper.

Combination 2: Mixed baby greens, avocado chunks, chopped canned artichokes, olives, crushed purple tortilla chips (from Trader Joe’s), soft-boiled egg, ground black pepper.

What really makes this salad is the dressing, which I first tasted at Tomi‘s house.  The recipe is from, and you can find it here: I left out the celery salt, and subbed in olive oil and balsalmic vinegar for canola oil and white vinegar.

Hope you’re all having a very good Friday, and let me know if you try this salad!

~Makeup Morsels


10 thoughts on “Tasty TGIF Tidbits: Drumroll Please… (And Salad)

  1. Looks uber yummy! Thanks for sharing! Ending up in ER after eating avocado??? Did you swallow the pit or something?

    Anyway, nom nom nom nom nom is all I can say!

    • Actually, I was pitting an avocado, not eating it. With a steak knife. I think you can probably guess the rest.

      LOL I agree 🙂 btw did you make the melon pan again? I’m still dying to try that!

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