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Trind Nail Care Video

Trind recently launched a video giving some background on their products.  I’ve already reviewed their Perfect System here, but this is something extra if you’re interested.

And as a refresher, this is how my nails looked after I started using their products:

Trind has also recently launched a Keratin based nail repair kit with no trace of formaldehyde resin at all. This product is meant for women with very thin, damaged and sensitive nails after the use of acrylics.

Formaldehyde in nail products doesn’t bug me as long as it’s formaldehyde resin.  To the best of my knowledge, when formaldehyde becomes formaldehyde resin, its chemical structure changes and becomes basically harmless.  Correct me if I’m wrong, because while I’ve done some research, it hasn’t been extensive.

Anyways, if you have qualms about formaldehyde resin (or if your nails are extremely damaged), I’d recommend you check out Trind’s new nail repair kit.

Hope you’re having a nice end-of-weekend!  I spent tonight cooking dinner and dessert for the next week.  Somehow, I’ve become the only chef in my family…which means I get to make whatever I want, and everyone else has to eat it and smile.

I’ve decided to review my Dior Addict lipsticks tomorrow, so stay tuned for some crazy lipstick lady!

~Makeup Morsels


2 thoughts on “Trind Nail Care Video

    • Hi Kathie! The nail repair does chip off within a day or two. If you read my previous review, you’ll see that they say ideally you should apply a new coat every day, since the nail will have absorbed all the protein from Nail Repair once it cures. once you’ve applied it daily for two weeks, you can reduce it to just once a week. hope that helps.

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