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Introducing: Victoria’s Secret Gorgeous

I love that VS constantly comes out with new fragrance collections.  They’re consistent enough that there’s always something new to try, but not so frequent that I feel overwhelmed *ehem, MAC*

Check out this behind-the-scenes clip of VS Angel, Lindsay Ellingson, promoting the collection:

Equal parts Brigitte Bardot and Victoria’s Secret Supermodel, Gorgeous embodies everything we love about being a woman.  The fruity-floral blend features irresistible Strawberry, sheer Jasmine, and tempting Sandalwood.  Spray, and…hello, Gorgeous!

I particularly like that last bit 😛

Top notes: Italian Mandarin, Wild Strawberry

Heart notes: Sheer Jasmine, Purple Freesia

Dry down: Sensual Sandalwood, Creamy Musk

Gorgeous will be released in in an EDP (2 sizes), Fragrance Mist, and Body Lotion:

And one more shot of the gorgeous Lindsay Ellingson:

What do you think of the collection?  I’m not a big fan of overly fruity, fruity-florals, but I usually end up liking VS perfumes quite a lot.  I guess I’ll have to sniff and see!

Products are available now from Victoria’s Secret.

~Makeup Morsels

Stock images courtesy of Victoria’s Secret.


4 thoughts on “Introducing: Victoria’s Secret Gorgeous

  1. Gawd, every VS model always seems to have two things: a great body and great HAIR! *sooo jelly* Pink’s my fave color so I’m loving the packaging. XD However like you, will need to take a sniff first and see! 😉

    (Thank you babe for your entry and for tweeting! Good luck =D

    • I know, they always have the most gorgeous hair ever! The body I understand, since they must work out a lot, but how do they get their hair to look so. darn. perfect. o.O

      Thank you for holding the giveaway!

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