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Think Pink: Dermelect

Due to unforeseen circumstances outside of my control (ah, the ups and downs of the college application process), I don’t have time to post the Book of Shadows review like I was originally going to.  You guys are going to have to wait one extra day for that.  Also, sorry I’m so behind on commenting!  I’m catching up little by little, but chances are you won’t hear from me until tomorrow at the earliest.

Since Breast Cancer Awareness month has begun, I thought now would be an appropriate time to publish this post.

Dermelect has released a special edition Resurface Stem Cell Reconstructing Serum for BCA month. The company will be donating $15 from each $75 bottle sold during the month of October to the Young Survival Coalition, a NY-based charity that benefits young women battling breast cancer.

I’ve already reviewed the product here, so do check that out if you’re interested.

The special edition serum is available now on Dermelect’s website.  If you live in NYC, you can find it at C.O. Bigelow and Henri Bendel.

~Makeup Morsels

Stock image courtesy of Dermelect PR.


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