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Tea for Two

(Except not for two, because I always end up drinking the everything myself.  Tea for one doesn’t have the same ring to it, unfortunately…)

I apologize for the lack of beauty-related posts this week.  Food/drink posts are just much quicker for me to put together, and I don’t have any pre-edited makeup review shots ready to go.  Luckily, I’ll have plenty of time to put some posts together this weekend.  In the meantime…

I try to reserve coffee for days when I have to be up by 6:10.  This happens 3 times a week.  The other 4 days, I stick to green tea.

This is the best one I’ve found so far.  Mind you, I’m no green tea coineusseur.  But I love the taste of this tea, it’s got absolutely no bitterness but a fairly strong taste with clean, slightly powdery notes.  I picked it up at the supermarket in Little Tokyo:

I usually brew tea with my coffee maker, so I don’t end up boiling an entire kettle of water for one cup:

And you?  Tea, coffee, neither?

~Makeup Morsels


16 thoughts on “Tea for Two

    • That looks insanely good, I’m browsing their website right now.
      Hot black coffee is my guilty pleasure, but it does make me feel really guilty when I drink it every day (too much of a good thing, I think), so that’s where the green tea comes in.
      Any time I have a week of exams though, I chug coffee every morning. With some green tea at lunch 🙂

  1. I don’t like green tea very much. HORROR OF HORRORS. And I’m a terrible coffee drinker. Terrible because I can go up to 6 giant cups a day in the winter if I don’t watch it. But I love coffee. If I have to, I’ll drink black tea. Earl Grey is my fave because it’s wonderfully fragrant.

  2. When I did a detox a few months back, I was allowed green tea and I noticed it was differents for me. Almost a cleaner kind of caffeine, ya’ know? It’s hard to explain but it felt better than having coffee. Alas, I am back on coffee again because of Europe-it was too hard to stick to green tea there. But I only drink one cup of coffee at home now, and plan to get back on the green tea!

  3. I like green tea, but it has caffeine, so I stay away. No caffeine for Trisha. 🙂 Same for caffeinated coffee, too. Ya know what I like? Caffeine-free pop (soda). Now that’s a drink I can get behind!

  4. I like chai teas! I still have some white ayurvedic chai from Teavana that needs finishing before I look for more. I like Chinese teas too, but I can’t read them so I don’t know what kind they are. maybe more floral? not sure >.<

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