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Weekend Snapshots + Upcoming Yuko Review

The perfect place to start off my weekend:

Best.  Store.  Ever.  Williams Sonoma is my version of Disneyland.  I wish everyone would wrap gifts like they wrap theirs. 

I was invited by the lovely people at Yuko Salon to test out their Japanese Straightening treatment.  Since my hair is low maintenance to the extreme, I had someone else stand in for me.

The salon was gorgeous inside, but I’ll just share this outside shot for now:

Review coming soon…

How’s your weekend going so far?

~Makeup Morsels


6 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots + Upcoming Yuko Review

  1. I never walk into Williams Sonoma anymore because there’s too much I want to buy. T^T

    my weekend’s been pretty boring! just been catching up on all the blog posts I’ve missed out on.

    • I know! Not only do I want to buy everything, I want to buy it in every single color. It’s terrible. I managed to only walk out with one thing though…

      Well, hope your weekend picks up tomorrow! Although boring isn’t necessarily bad, it could be relaxing type of boring too 😛

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