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A Late Bloomer Review: Pixi Beauty

I say late bloomer because this was a spring 2011 release *gulp,* but both items are still available on Pixi’s website.  So if either piques your interest, it’s all good…in the neighborhood…of Makeup Morsels!

(You know that little voice in your head that tells you to stop talking while you’re ahead?  Yeah, I don’t have that)

First up is their Line Relax Serum:

The serum is housed in a square-cut, frosted glass bottle.  It’s topped off with a plastic cap in a cucumber-green color, and a semi-matte texture.  I approve of the overwhelming springy-ness.

When I saw the word ‘serum,’ I was expecting an extra-concentrated pre-moisturizer fluid, but I would really describe this as a primer.  While it has the feel of a light lotion, it dries down to a smooth finish, great for applying under foundation.  Dimethicone ranks third on the ingredients list, which probably accounts for the texture.  This primer didn’t break me out or irritate my skin, but I will add that I didn’t use it on a regular basis, as I really don’t need primer on a regular basis.

It feels nice and refreshing on my face, and actually lends a bit of a glow to my skin.  It’s definitely great for spring, but you can also use it to get that fresh-faced look this winter.  After all, a little extra glow never hurts, especially when you’re running on 4 hours of sleep.

Pixi Line Relax Serum retails at $32 for a 1 oz bottle.

The other item I have is their Beauty Blush in Perkiest Pink.  Once again, observe the lovely green base with the clear plastic lid:

It looks shockingly bright in the pan, but applies as a wearable wash of color.  The result is a natural, rosy-pink glow that I imagine will look especially good on those with fair to medium skintones (it might not show up as well if your skintone is darker than medium, since the color is rather sheer).

As most of you will know by now, I don’t wear blush.  My cheeks have always been naturally flushed, so any extra blush causes my face to veer into crazy clown territory.

(I will now give you a second to gasp, point fingers, and throw imaginary produce at me)

However, because I can’t exactly write about a blush I haven’t tried, I did wear this for a day in the privacy of my home.  Although my already red cheeks looked a bit too ‘full of life’ with blush on, I did appreciate the nice glow and finish of the product.  It’s finely milled, if a tad bit on the powdery side, but nothing a little blending can’t take care of.  It’s also free of talc and parabens, plus contains a blend of moisturizing ingredients such as Vitamin E and jojoba oil.

Pixi’s Beauty Blush retails at $16 for 0.16 oz.

Thumbs up for

Products that certainly work for spring, but are also great all year-round; functional and pretty packaging; good quality.

Thumbs down for

I find both products to lean towards the pricey end of the scale, although I will point out that this is more of a ‘high-end drugstore’ brand.

Final decision

Overall, both are solid products.  My personal vote goes to the serum, which has a lovely texture and finish, but the blush is worth a look if you’re searching for a subtle, naturally flushed shade.

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were submitted for review, either by a PR firm or directly from the manufacturer.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


13 thoughts on “A Late Bloomer Review: Pixi Beauty

  1. Props to trying the blush just for the purpose of makeup review! 😀 Aren’t you lucky to have the natural flush which is what blush was made for in the beginning? xD

    Actually I only use blush to ‘warm’ my skin up again, after I’ve applied a whole load of foundation and concealer on my cheeks (it’s where i tend to have acne scars and active spots). Otherwise I couldn’t really give two hoots about it.

    The serum does sound nice as a base!

    • hahahah the things I do for this blog xD I’m fine with it now, but when I was little, I’d have concerned moms coming up to me all the time asking if I was wearing makeup LOLL.

  2. I don’t use primers, but the blush is pretty! A bit sheer for my tastes, though, I think. I tend toward pigmented blushes and sheer them out on my own, lol. But at least the option for wearing them full-blast is there!

  3. that serum sounds REALLY cool! i want to try some out, i love a good primer

    the blush is heavenly on you, i like the shade against your complexion! sucks that your cheeks already have too much flush….have you tried calming down your natural color with something like the lorac neutralizer then you can add color that you WANT instead?

  4. The serum works to relax the lines between my brows. I also put it under my chin on the loose skin, it doesn’t work as well there.

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