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Picture Time: F21 Pearl Ring

I decided that I would like to talk about shiny things today.  Everyone ok with that?  Great!

Out of all the different types of jewelry, I probably buy rings the most.  You know why?  Because I constantly lose them, that’s why.  Necklaces stay on, bracelets stay on, screw-on earrings stay on…I take my ring off for one second, and never see it ever again.

Forever 21 has a really nice selection of budget rings.  I picked this one up for $3.80 the other week:

I couldn’t find the name, but I bought the peach and gold shade in a size 6.  One thing I’ve noticed is that Forever 21’s rings tend to run small.  Their 6 fits more like a 5 on me, so I wear this on my ring finger instead of my third finger.

What are some of your favorite places to shop for jewelry?  Do you like statement rings, or do you prefer to keep it simple?

~Makeup Morsels


14 thoughts on “Picture Time: F21 Pearl Ring

  1. I like rings, but always wear earrings – those are my weapons of choice 😀 I feel funny if I don’t have any on, though of course I skip for workouts, etc. I haven’t worn any other rings since I got engaged, though – I hate having rings on my right hand, and it just feels crowded along with my engagement ring on my left hand. Hahaha. I’ll have to sort it out.

    • I love earrings! I don’t have pierced ears, but I get my very convincing fakes from the earring cart lady in Taiwan.

      I think when (ehem, if) I get engaged, I’ll lose the statement ring habit.

    • Wow, what’s your ring size?

      And omg, you have such cute rings, still remember that blog post w/ the two rings that you wore together 🙂 I think one was an anchor or a ship steering thing…what do you call those again?

      • I think my index finger is about 6.5 and sometimes 7s have fit on me alright. I usually get 5 or 6s cause I want to wear them on my middle or ring fingers.

        ooh, ya! I’m not sure what they’re called.. stackable rings?

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