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The Art of Getting Reacquainted With Eyeshadow

Learning to apply eyeshadow is kind of like learning to ride a bike.  People will tell you that you never forget how to ride a bike once you learn, but you know what?  That’s really only 50% true.

Let me illustrate this concept to you…with words.

So imagine you haven’t ridden a bike in 3 or 4 years, and one day you decide to ride around the block.  Because everyone keeps insisting that it’s somehow ingrained in your brain, you decide that nothing can go wrong.  You get on that bike and start riding, and hey, it’s working!  Except, that’s when you crash into the stop sign at the end of your street, and realize that you are not, in fact, magical.

Anyways, this is barely relevant, except for the fact that it ties in with today’s topic.  A little bit.

While I still love makeup, I rarely wear it this year.  There are days when I wear undereye concealer and mascara, days when I wear undereye concealer and lipstick, and days where I just show up to school with a completely naked face.

Another thing people like to throw out there is, “Well, would you rather have 5 extra minutes of sleep, or walk out the door looking presentable?”  As if the only correct answer is the latter.


This all boils down to me not wearing any eyeshadow for months at a time, until I pull out an eyeshadow brush, and attempt a look.  I’m breezing along, thinking it’s not so bad, and then I look into the mirror.  And make a sound like this:




At the moment, I’m slowly working my way back in with simple, you-can’t-possibly-mess-this-up looks like this one:

And other than blendblendblend, I don’t have any especially wise tips for making the process easier.  Do you?

~Makeup Morsels

P.S. Just got a beautiful bottle of holiday perfume on my doorstep yesterday.  Can’t wait to give you a sneak peek!


12 thoughts on “The Art of Getting Reacquainted With Eyeshadow

  1. Lol. I picked five minutes of sleep a lot, too. Still do, actually. Which is how you perfect the five minute face! Or ten minutes. Whatever. Easier under pressure, you know?

  2. I’m glad you said that about riding a bike. I hate that saying. I went about a decade without riding a bike. When I finally got back on again this summer, I was a wobbly mess, gripping the handles so hard my hands were bright red. It took me about two weeks to feel comfortable on a bike again.

    Now, back to eye shadow. I’ve been lax on it lately too. Most days my face has been naked. In fact, it’s naked now. But this is a sort of uncommon lull for me.

    • I know, the way people go on about it, you’d assume anyone could jump on a bike after not riding one for 10 years, and then pedal off into the sunset!

      Well then, we should both get back into our EOTDs 🙂 I miss posting those on here.

  3. I will also choose sleep most of the time. As far as eyeshadow tips, start with neutrals. Even if you do screw up, it’s less noticeable. And make sure that you have the right brushes for your eye size and shape. Just because a brush is popular, doesn’t mean it’s the right size for you. HTH

    • hahahah sounds like everyone’s in agreement about getting more sleep! Totally agreed about neutrals, that’s why I’m not going crazy with color at the moment 🙂 Hopefully, my eyeshadow muscle memory starts coming back soon…

  4. Ooh, I can’t wait to see your new perfume! Haha…love the analogy with the bike. It’s so true though! Honestly, I’d pick the extra sleep time too….hehe. 😉

    (Thanks and yay to our phones!! 😀 )

    • EEEEEE so good to hear from you again! Hope you get your rest and get over that nasty cough soon 🙂

      It’s pretty, I think I’ll post a teaser this weekend 🙂 And if the scent sounds like something you like, I believe there’s also a body lotion!

  5. I’m just like you! Sometimes I sleep in so late that I only have time to wash my face before leaving the house. :-/ The only makeup I consider an absolute must is foundation. The rest can be applied on the go. I almost always skip eye makeup — they’re the most time-consuming what with all the blending, etc.

    • Oh man, those days are the worst! The only thing I consider an absolute must is sunscreen…won’t leave the house without it.

      Same, eye makeup takes wayy too long when I’m running on a tight schedule.

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