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Holiday Goodness from Victoria’s Secret

It’s that wonderful time of year again, during which all of the holiday makeup collections begin rolling out.  I will freely admit to eyeing at least three separate collections, but today, I’ll be showing you a ton of offerings from Victoria’s Secret.  There’s lots to choose from, so let’s begin with fragrances!

First up is Victoria’s Secret Angel (note the glass wings on the bottle).  This fragrance was designed to evoke all the feelings a new VS Angel experiences…and I really have no idea what that would feel like.  According to VS, it’s “the perfect balance between vibrant freshness and sultry warmth.”  The notes include Sparkling Plum, Chinese Lychee, Pink Pepper, Sheer Violet, Whipped Musk, Amber, and Agarwood.  Sounds promising to me (and also, I’m secretly loving this just because the bottle has wings).

VS Angel comes in bottled in EDP, fragrance mist, body lotion, and shimmer lotion.

The next fragrance in their holiday lineup is Bombshell Seduction, which is billed as a fruity-floral.  I have the EDP sitting on my desk right now, and I’ll be giving you a more in-depth review later this week.

Update: review here

The Bombshell Seduction collection includes an EDP, body mist, and shimmer lotion.

The next item is something that might make a good gift for VS fragrance lovers.  It’s a sampler set of 7 different perfumes, all packaged in mini bottles…

…but even more adorable is this fragrance ornament (VS Gorgeous)!  Unfortunately, I can’t really hang this on my Fresh Basalm candle (space-saving Christmas tree substitute), but I still think this would make a cute gift for those who have somewhere to hang it.

I’ve never been one to rock body shimmer during the holidays (super-pale+sparkles = mistaken for vampire and not offered any hors d’oeuvres?), but I do have to say that the VS version looks like it might be more subtle than the one I tried last time.  The trio (shimmer powder, shimmer lotion, shimmer hair & body spray) comes in 4 different scents: VS Bombshell, Dream Angels Heavenly, Very Sexy, and Noir Tease.

And finally, here’s the actual makeup collection, which is so pretty (and actually within my budget, which is something I can’t exactly say about those other holiday collections I’m lemming).

I’m especially excited about the Luminous Face Powder Gems in Moonlight, which are those balls of highlighting powder in the fancy red container.  I don’t know…I just have a thing for face powders that comes in pearls.  Can anyone else relate?

Equally tempting are the eyeshadow palettes in Masquerade (cool) and Slow Seduction (warm).  Masquerade is closed in the shot below, but I’m loving the peachy-pink neutrals and the shimmery navy blue (no, I don’t have palette x-ray vision, although that would be cool.  I saw it in the press release).  Each of the palettes houses 5 shimmery shades.

Last but not least are the Color Lust Lip Lacquers in Daring, Red Hot, and Risky.  I love the tassels on the caps, plus the fact that these are described as bolder reds with “high-impact color.”  As I’m currently on a lip product ban, these are off limits for me.  If I wasn’t, though…well, let’s not go down that road.

And that concludes picture time today!  Everything I’ve covered is available now,  in case you’re in the mood for some pre-holiday shopping.  Anything piquing your interest?

~Makeup Morsels

Stock images courtesy of Victoria’s Secret.


8 thoughts on “Holiday Goodness from Victoria’s Secret

  1. Seems VS’ packaging is getting prettier and prettier by the collection. Very nice 😀 Though I don’t personally wear perfume due to my sensitive skin, that sampler collection would make a great gift!

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