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Yuko Straightening Review: Part I

*I’m breaking this review into two parts, but if you’re interested in a little Yuko giveaway, make sure to check in tomorrow (moving that to Wednesday because the wigeon doesn’t mind giving up his spot for a week, and I am swamped in the bogs of schoolwork) for Part 2!

If you recall my preview post, I was recently invited to test drive Yuko Straightening at Yuko’s flagship salon in Beverly Hills.  Short story shorter, Val’s mother (yes, Val the wonderful hand mixer gifter) happily volunteered to be the test subject, and off we drove.

When we arrived, Val’s mother realized that she had actually been there in the past!  At the time, her friend needed a hair model for the straightening treatment, so she had already gone through the process once before.

After that 2 second trip down memory lane, we walked inside the salon.  The interior was brightly lit, and nicely laid out:

In addition to ‘regular stations,’ there were some with tilted, full length mirrors in front of swivel chairs.  It helped make everything feel more spread out…plus, the mirrors looked quite snazzy:

Now if you’re wondering what Yuko Hair Straightening is, it’s also known as Japanese Hair Straightening.  Unlike the recently popular Brazilian Blowout, the chemicals used in Japanese Hair Straightening don’t product formaldehyde or any other carcinogens.  The other main difference between this type of treatment and the Brazilian Blowout, or a keratin treatment, is that it is largely permanent.  A solution is applied to the hair, and then flat-ironed.  This restructures the bonds of your hair, and results in a permanently straight style (of course, any new growth won’t be straight).  I’ll be going over the pros and cons of this method tomorrow, but today I’m just talking about the process.  So hold onto your questions for now!

Our hair-magic-worker of the day was Ryuji, who also happened to be the salon manager.

First, he held a consultation with Val’s mother (I’m shortening that to VM for the rest of this post), to ensure that VM’s hair would work with the treatment.  Because the chemical used is pretty strong, the client’s hair cannot be overly processed or damaged.  If your hair fits into that category, Yuko does have a new treatment called Anti-Frizz, which is gentler, and lasts for a shorter period of time.

Then, there was the obligatory washing-of-the-hair, followed by a spritzing of pre-treatment primer.  The primer readied (or shall I say, primed) the hair for processing, while delivering a dose of healthy hair nutrients.

Ryuji working his magic.  Yes, that is an umbrella.

Next, the actual solution was applied.  This process took about half an hour:

The time-intensive portion of the treatment involved flat ironing the solution into the hair.  This took about 3 hours in VM’s case.

And by the way, if you’re thinking wow, that’s a really long time to go without a beverage (because naturally, that’s what I always think while getting my hair done…in my bathroom…by me), Yuko offers a complimentary drink menu for your enjoyment.

The final result will be unveiled in Part 2!

Yuko Salon
351 North Canon Dr.,
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 550 – 8850

Coming up tomorrow: results, final thoughts, and a giveaway!

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The service reviewed in this post was provided free of charge, courtesy of Yuko Salon.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


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