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*CLOSED* Yuko Giveaway & Hair Straightening Review (Part 2)

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations Maddie, Sherry Brooks, Megan, and Danielle!

Update: three out of four of the previous winners were disqualified because they did not get back to me in time.  Get those new entries in by Wednesday, December 28 (9:01 pm PT).

Hello, lovely readers!

Today, I’ll be continuing the tale of my Yuko adventure (which I suggest you read if you haven’t done so already.  Or this review will be a wee bit confusing)…

When we last left off, Ryuji had just finished straightening VM’s hair.  I could make you suffer through cringe-inducing paragraphs detailing how the sun bounced off her lustrous locks as she strolled out of the salon, but I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Here is a shot of VM’s hair immediately after the Yuko Straightening treatment:

Why do I say immediately after?  Because following the first wash, Yuko straightened hair loses its superhuman pin-straightness, becoming well behaved and smooth, but mortal.  Which, for the record, is still pretty darn nice.

The previous picture was taken a little over 3 weeks ago.  In order to show you what VM’s hair looked like after the first wash, I recruited Val to take a picture of her mother for me (because it’s generally frowned upon when you pop up outside a friend’s house, unannounced, with a camera and a toothy smile).

The next shot was taken yesterday.  VM air dried her hair, and combed through with Yuko Repair Through Spray.  Keep in mind that this picture was taken with a different camera, in different lighting.

Prior to Yuko Straightening, VM’s hair had a tendency to become frizzy and tangled without styling.  She now finds that she doesn’t have to style it, although it does become slightly tangled after showering.  However, spritzing some Yuko Repair Through (a product I reviewed awhile back) and combing her hair easily solves that problem.

Price varies depending on hair length and type.  The quote for VM was about $430.  So no, I’m not saying that this service is must-save-all-your-pennies-up-for, because $430 in pennies is a lot of pennies.  I mean, can you even imagine how annoying it would be to transport that many (ok, I digress).

I do think the results are nice, but I want to stress that I’m not saying it’s for everyone.  Because it’s not!  But if you’re interested, if you can afford it and if your hair type is right for it, then it’s definitely worth looking into.  Like I said in my previous post, this treatment is most compatible with healthy hair.  Another thing to keep in mind about Yuko Straightening is that it is permanent.  So if your hair texture is very wavy or curly, you’ll either have to go in for a root touch-up for any new growth, or straighten it yourself.  Their FAQ page is extremely helpful, if you’d like to learn more.  As for the salon itself, I loved the setup, and found the staff to be very pleasant and accommodating.

Now onto the giveaway!

Four lucky duckies will win a bottle of Yuko Repair Through Leave-In Conditioner (retail value $24, my full review here).

This giveaway is open to US readers only (sorry, international readers!  I still love you.  Here is a virtual cupcake just for you):

To enter:

Simply leave a comment below telling me what your favorite book (or one of your favorite books) is and why.

For example: One of my favorite books is Perfume by Patrick Süskind.  The writing style is superb, and the plot is wonderfully creepy.

For an extra entry:

Follow me on Twitter, and tweet the following:

It’s giveaway time over @MakeupMorsels!  Visit for details.

Then leave a separate comment on this post stating your twitter username and linking back to your tweet.


You must be 18 or older to enter.  If you are under 18, please have a parent or legal guardian enter for you.

The giveaway will end on December 3 December 11 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.  Entries submitted after the deadline will be disqualified.  Once the giveaway is closed, I will choose the 4 winners using a random number generator.  Make sure that I can reach you at the email you enter in the comment form.  If a winner does not contact me with his/her shipping information within 48 hours, I will choose another one.

Good luck!

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: The service reviewed in this post was provided free of charge, courtesy of Yuko Salon.  Stock image of Repair Through provided by Yuko PR.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.

Thank you to the wonderful people at Yuko for providing the Giveaway prizes and taking care of shipping!

21 thoughts on “*CLOSED* Yuko Giveaway & Hair Straightening Review (Part 2)

  1. my fave book is aything by ann rice! i love her writing style (very historical) and how she adds tons of detail about her stories. i especially love the vampire chronicles.

  2. My favorite book is the classic Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I first read it when I was 9 years old and have always loved re-reading it.

  3. I actually don’t want to be entered, but I want to share two of my favorite books. They’re both very different. One is a teen-fic novel, This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen, and the other is a sci-fi novel, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. This Lullaby just has very lovable characters, and who doesn’t like a good romance? And Ender’s Game is like Harry Potter for an older audience. Magical, yet dark.

    I’ve always been curious about chemical straightening because I have curly hair. I don’t think I’d ever have it done, for the fear of hurting my locks, but it amazes me!

    • Thanks for sharing! I actually could not for the life of me get on board with Ender’s Game. I think I’ve read it twice, once because everyone loved it, and the second time because my best friend managed to convince me that it was excellent and I should give it another chance. I think I’m just not a sci-fi person…there have been sci-fi books I’ve enjoyed in the past, but that one’s just not for me.

      I will check out This Lullaby though! Sounds interesting.

  4. One of my most favorite books was The da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. It was such page turner for me! Plus I loved the historical parts of it, even if some of it was exaggerated 😉

  5. my favorite is the time traveler’s wife! it’s a love story.. but with a twist. it left me crying.. and i rarely cry 😛

  6. My favorite book is 1984 by George Orwell because I love dystopian literature and George Orwell. Dystopian literature is the one of the few kinds of literature that makes you truly grateful that you’re living in the time that you’re living in. Sci-Fi makes you afraid for the future. Fantasy makes you wish you lived in that setting. Political thrillers make you scared of your own time. Romance makes you wish you didn’t have so much work to do so you could go to Italy/Paris/New York/Victorian England to find a hunk. etc.

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