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Introducing: Layla Magneffect

Finally, a nail trend I can get on board with!  While the long-lived crackle trend was a cool idea, I was not a fan of the look, which reminded me way too much of chipped polish.

Magnetic nail polish, on the other hand, is 100% Makeup Morsels approved.  Lancome did it way back when (I mean that in makeup years, not real time), and now the trend is being revived by brands such as Nails Inc., Boots No.7, and Layla.

Magneffect can be applied as a traditional nail polish, but if you’re looking for unique nail art, simply hold the magnet on top of the polished nail to create eye-catching patterns.

How it works:
  1. Apply one full coat of Magneffect nail polish onto the nail. An additional coat can be used for added effect.
  2. Immediately hold the magnet on top of the nail for at least 5 seconds. The line you see on the cap indicates the direction of the magnetic field. Hold over the nail in the direction you wish your design to take.
  3. See the design appear!

Layla Magneffect comes in 12 different shades (Gun Metal, Changing Lilac, Purple Galaxy, Golden Nugget, Golden Bronze, Brown Sugar, Blue Grey Flow, Turquoise Wave, Metallic Sky, Velvet Groove, Silver Galaxy, Black Metal), and is available at

Are you a fan of the magnetic nail trend?

~Makeup Morsels

Stock image courtesy of PR


14 thoughts on “Introducing: Layla Magneffect

  1. Oh yes, now you mention it I do remember Lancome’s magnetic polish. I remember thinking it was a fad and that it’d go away, especially with Lancome’s other gimicky oscillating mascaras and even foundation! Hahaha….

    If it was Dior or Chanel that had come out with the magnetic polish I probably would have paid more attention.

    But yes, I have seen these all over the place! They look very pretty. We have a brand called 17 here which is very budget friendly. You can grab yourself a magnetic polish for £5 I believe!

    • Did anyone really ever get on board with the whole oscillating mascara trend? I know a lot of brands did it, but I always found that so gimmicky, and it seems to have more or less gone away by now.

      That’s a pretty good price! I think they need to come to the US 😛

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