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NOTD Picture Time

Hopefully, the Lipstick Bandits won’t kick me out of their merry crew for saying this, but there are some things that rank higher than lipstick on my priorities list.

Like college, for example.

And much as I would love to do a proper post, I’m focusing on a supplement today.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to throw millions of (ok, a few) NOTD pictures at you.  Enjoy the avalanche of nail polish spam!

Sinful Nail Junkie over Zoya Envy.  One of my favorite combinations, I’ll probably repeat this one for the holidays.  

Covergirl Disco Dazzle over Twilight Debutante.  I love how much the color changes in different lighting, although it’s not a duochrome.  Here’s another shot (it’s the lighter of the two pinks):

Sinful Seaweed.  Pale, murky, grey-green creme.  I nod my head in dignified approval.

That wraps it up for random NOTD shots!  Think you might give any of them a try?

Stay tuned for TWW, plus a Friday post about Thanksgiving leftovers.

And US ladies, don’t forget to enter my giveaway!  Or, if you’re not a US reader, you can stop by for a virtual cupcake.  It tastes pretty good if you use your imagination.

~Makeup Morsels


12 thoughts on “NOTD Picture Time

    • It took me forever to track down Seaweed and the other one I bought from this collection! What’s up with Rite Aid’s ‘let’s-only-put-2-of-each-color-out’ policy? But they were so worth it 🙂 The creme finish goes perfectly with the color IMO.

    • I didn’t know Canmake did nail polishes! I remember seeing very pretty blushes and lip products from them, but never paid attention to the polishes. Will have to take a closer look next time.

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