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Katy Perry Launches Fragrance #2!

Why the exclamation mark in the title?  Because this new fragrance is called “Meow!”  Yes, with the exclamation mark attached.

Despite having tried a few solid celebrity perfumes, I’m always a little bit skeptical whenever I see a new one.  Maybe it’s the fact that the notes all sound the same, or maybe it’s the fact that the majority of the ones I’ve tried have been overpoweringly sweet. Maybe it’s just because it’s a celebrity perfume, and that causes me great anxiety.  Whatever it is, I fully admit to being biased!

The good news is, one of my friends gave me Purr for my birthday last year, and I actually quite like it.  While the perfume isn’t my signature scent, by any means, I do pull it out from time to time to enjoy it’s fruity-floral notes.  On me, it’s a relatively balanced affair, not too fruity and just sweet enough, plus I love the cat bottle to pieces.  So let’s see if “Meow!” (which comes in a pink version of the original cat bottle) will slink its way into my good graces.

In partnership with Gigantic Parfums, “Meow! by Katy Perry” is a companion piece to the recording artist’s first fragrance, “Purr,” which debuted a year ago. Perry created ‘Meow!” while on her “California Dreams” World-Tour promoting her platinum-selling second record, Teenage Dream.This rich sister scent is a wearable interpretation of the fun, sensual spirit of the tour.

“Meow!” commands a soft sexuality appropriate for use during any time of day. Its signature comes from a pairing of honeysuckle and pear with the backdrop of creamy vanilla, musk, and amber.

“Meow! is my second baby in the fragrance world. I created it during my California Dreams Tour, and I can’t wait for people to be able to experience my intriguing, amusing, candy-land like fantasy whenever they spritz it!” explains Perry.

Personally, I love honeysuckle and pear in my perfumes, and am secretly hoping that the vanilla won’t overpower the former two.  We shall see what we shall see!  *mysterious smile*

The EDP is available now, exclusively at Nordstrom.

How do you feel about celebrity perfumes?  Do you think you’ll give “Meow!” a sniff?

~Makeup Morsels

Stock image provided by PR.


14 thoughts on “Katy Perry Launches Fragrance #2!

  1. I’m not really a fan of celebrity perfumes. They all smell the same to me and are too sweet for my taste.. I think I will have to read a few reviews before deciding whether to give it a sniff or not…

    • Pretty much the only one that sounds different to me at the moment is Jennifer Anniston’s perfume. I think I might give that a sniff if I remember too. It sounds like something I would like (probably not something I would love though).

    • hahahah the descriptions all sound different when you read them! But I swear, some of them smell EXACTLY alike. I do really like some of the celeb perfume bottles though. It’s so easy to suck me in 😛

  2. Weirdly, I often really like celebrity perfume. Reese Witherspoon’s In Bloom is one of my favorite fragrances ever. And Fergie’s Outspoken was awesome, too.


    • I think I remember reading your review of In Bloom! (correct me if I’m hallucinating LOL). And I definitely remember reading about Outspoken b/c of the very distinctive bottle.

      I think the nice thing about celeb perfumes is that they tend to be very wearable if done right (not too overpowering). I’ve never come across one that is unique or particularly glorious in my stash, but there are some that are well made and good to wear once in awhile.

  3. Hm. I actually quite like honeysuckle… but I’m in general not a fan of mainstream and celebrity releases. And I actually don’t like Katy Perry’s perfume bottles though I do love her music. I’m just a very, very old person at heart lol, and a bit of snob. My favorite perfume ever is probably Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleue first released in 1912, which I was very lucky to find a vintage partial bottle of. Also, I’ve just never been a huge huge fan of florals (fig and tea are probably my favorite notes) and I’m going through a huge spiced woods kick right now. Today I’m wearing Parfumerie Generale’s Coze which is a beautiful spiced vanilla woods, made with the good stuff versus the synthetic cedar that’s in everything cheap these days (Iso-super-E, though, there’s actually a perfume that is composed of only this note and it’s actually Luckyscent’s #8 seller… I find it terribly harsh and migraine-inducing :/).

    • hahah my taste in perfume is very high/low. Sometimes, I can be a bit of a perfume snob, but at other times I just want to wear B&BW Wild Honeysuckle body spray, although that happens very rarely nowadays xD And I have yet to try a fig perfume! Must get my hands on a bottle. I love tea scents too though!

      Out of curiosity, have you ever tried anything from CB I Hate Perfume? Your whole thing about cedar reminded me, I was reading his description of his rose perfume the other day…he was talking about how many people have only smelled the synthetic thing, and think they hate rose. So he’ll hold a bottle of his rose scent (made from the real thing) under the client’s nose, and the client who thinks s/he hates roses will go, “Wow, what a lovely flower! What is that?” 🙂

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