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Something Silly

If you’re wondering where I’ve been for the past few days…

After a largely sleepless night, I woke up to this:

Times three.  And no power.  Now, at first I was thinking, “I can deal with this.”  But then, it was 5 pm.  And darkness fell over the land.  So I lit a few dinky candles.  But it was still freezing.  And hard to see.  And I showered in the dark.  Which is something I would rather not do again.

36 hours later, I tentatively pressed the light switch, thinking please let there be light:


It was glorious, I tell you.  I could finally open my garage, and drive away into the sunrise.  I had internet and working kitchen utilities.  Life was good.

To everyone who is still without power, I really hope you can get it back soon.  Sending lots of positive thoughts your way so that all the positivity lights up your homes!

(That is how it works, right?)

Happy Friday!

~Makeup Morsels


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