It’s Haul-iday Time!

(Weak grin)

Blame it on the approaching festivities, blame it on the fact that CVS slashes their prices twice a year, or simply blame it on the fact that I’ve reached the end of my willpower leash.

I hauled.  Yes, I did.  When drugstores give me the opportunity to buy things 75% off, what am I supposed to say?  No, thank you, I have quite enough makeup as it is?  (I really should, actually).  Anyways,when I heard about this *still ongoing* event, I moseyed on over to CVS,and put a little dent in my summer savings.

As soon as I walked through those automatic doors, I headed straight for the lipsticks.  Into my basket they went (not all of them, although I did have 5 or 6 in there at one point.  Luckily, I had enough common sense left to narrow it down to 2).  The finalists were Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Cherry Ice and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Demure.  After verifying the prices at the magical scanner box, I took both of them home with me.

The tally: Cherry Ice at $2.62 down from $10.49, Demure at $2.37 down from $9.49.

I have a thing for gel liner.  I also have a thing for anything that comes in cute packaging.  So when I saw gel liner pots in cute packaging, I sidled up to them, and asked if they would like to live on my vanity.  They said yes.

You can snap these together, or take them apart.  Physician’s Formula has single-handedly satisfied my inner 5-year-old.

The tally: Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Enhancing Cream/Gel Liner in Glam Green and Glam Hazel, $2.75 each down from $10.99

My final purchases were a basic white polish, and a backup of one of my favorite pencil liners.

The tally: 10 Professional Nail Lacquer in Lady in White at $1.22 down from $4.89, Sally Hansen by Carmindy Liner Forever Stay Eye Liner in Deep Black at $2.45 down from $9.79

If you have a CVS in your area, I highly, highly recommend that you visit it.  Many of the sale items don’t have stickers on them, so you can do what I did, and stalk the aisles with Nouveau Cheap’s master list in hand.  I also like to scan things at the red box before checkout, just to make sure none of the stickers have been misplaced.

Let me know if there’s anything in particular that you’d like to see reviewed/swatched!

And now, after recounting things that make me happy, here is something that makes me extremely sad:

There are no words for this other than lightbox massacre.  I knocked over my sample jar of Fyrinnae Polar Bear today, lost 2/3 of the shadow, and ruined my lightbox in the process.

Well, I guess it can’t always be rainbows and glitter in the air, can it?  (Actually, there was quite a lot of glitter in the air.  And on my hands.  And on the lightbox.  In fact, the whole thing resembled a crime scene, maybe one where the glitter fairy was just brutally murdered on an infinity sweep background.  I think I’m still slightly in shock over the whole thing, so you’ll have to forgive me for that disturbing image).

Anyways, to end on a more cheerful note, hope you enjoyed seeing my haul!

~Makeup Morsels


16 thoughts on “It’s Haul-iday Time!

    • HAHAHH the one bright side to this whole mess o__o
      I really want to buy another jar, since that was my favorite shadow out of all the ones I purchased…but I can’t justify S&H on just one sample.

    • I’m amazed at sale prices sometimes! Especially when I visit other countries…as much as I love drugstore makeup in Taiwan, they almost never do sales, and there’s basically no return policy.

      Oh, I most definitely am enjoying these 😛

    • *prises your hands open, and directs you to the nearest CVS* If you’re still in the market for a red lipstick, I think you should check out Cherry Ice. It’s easy to wear and on the sheer side, plus you can’t beat that price!

      LOL why, thank you! I thought it was the best representation of me.

  1. you didn’t try to salvage Polar Bear at all? (not sure how you would, maybe in a separate sample jar after sanitizing..?) I’ve had that happen to me a few times and it is not a pleasant experience.

    I’m loving the pic with the two lippies you got. they look so nice and welcoming :d

  2. i’ve been guilty of hauling, too! just cause the holidays and my past birthday (last Sunday) are just lame, poor excuses. 😛
    that Revlon in Demure calls me!! 😀 must check that out sometime.

    • Oh psh, those are good enough excuses! What have you hauled lately?

      I’m thinking it’s a little bit too subtle for me (I’m more into reds lately with the holidays and all), but the formmula is lovely and the color is very easy to wear.

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