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‘Tis The Season for New Release Rundowns (Plus, A Guessing Game)

I’m a little appalled that I haven’t posted anything for 5 days (excluding the link love that went up this morning, of course), especially since I don’t remember neglecting my blog for that amount of time (then again, I do have the memory of a goldfish).

Christmas is just around the corner for me, and I’m still in the process of putting together gifts!  For those of you who celebrate it, how early do you complete your Christmas shopping?  Do you march to the mall a month early, list in hand, or do you scurry around the week before?

This year, I attempted a few DIY gifts for the first time.  Some of my neighbors/mom’s coworkers are receiving festive cakes, while others will get the mystery item pictured below (guess the item!  Virtual cookies and lipstick to whoever guesses correctly).

I’ll be sharing the full DIY tutorial tomorrow (it’s low-effort, high-impact.  Just the way I like it), but if you’d rather buy gifts (for others or yourself) than craft them, here’s a rundown of a few festive collections on the other end of the price spectrum.

Ellis Faas makes some of my favorite, splurge-worthy products, and they’ve bundled up a holiday set this year.  The set contains ELLIS RED Milky Lips L201 for gorgeously blood-red lips; black Creamy Eyes E103 for an easy smoky eye and/or to be used as a black liner; and the light Milky Eyes E209 for fresh accents.  Hmmm, is anyone else getting a Snow White vibe here?

$85 from Ellis Faas.

Next on the list is Dermelect’s Skin Regenerating System.  I reviewed the serum here, which is included in the set, along with a Regenerating Treatment and Firming Activator.   The three-step system contains Alpine Rose Stem Cells, which are said to protect skin against free radicals, improve the complexion, and assist with signs of aging.

$159 from Dermelect.

How pretty is this promo pic from Rouge Bunny Rouge’s new collection?  While there’s nothing edgy or groundbreaking going on here, I’ve always been more of a traditional makeup gal when it comes to holiday products.  I love the soft brows and eye makeup, as well as the fresh, dewy skin.  This collection is called ‘Beyond The Looking Glass,’ and emphasizes light textures.  The stars of the collection are the new Fire Drops Loose Pigments (pictured above).  These ‘zingy pigments’ (their words, not mine) come in 7 beautiful shades.  Prices can be found on

Last but not least on this holiday checklist is Blushington.  If you’re hankering to have your holiday party makeup done by a professional, the Sunset Boulevard makeup & beauty lounge offers sessions priced at $35.  Options include their 6 signature looks, an eyes only option, full face application, waxing, lash extensions, and other services.  For more information, visit their site.

Happy Holidays, and I’ll be sharing affordable gifting options tomorrow!

~Makeup Morsels

Stock images courtesy of brands and companies mentioned above.


2 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season for New Release Rundowns (Plus, A Guessing Game)

  1. The fancy design thing looks like your wax seals 😉 Are you making cookies, or ornaments?

    I like to finish my Christmas shopping early! Usually Black Friday/Cyber Monday rounds out my shopping, though I was a little late this year.

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