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Things That Are Nice: Revlon Cherry Ice

Yes, you read that title correctly.  Did I make you cringe?  If so, let me make it up to you with this pretty red(ish) lipstick.

*Note: For some back-story on the acquisition of this lipstick (alright, not so much a back-story as a rambling confession as to why I bought another red lipstick when I already have so many tubes), see here.

This is my first lipstick from the Revon Colorburst lineup, although I have heard that this particular shade (as well as several other shades released at the same time) are much sheerer than the other colors.

At the time of purchase, however, I had no idea.  I came, I saw the red square on the cap, and I grabbed it.  That is the normal response, right?

When I first swatched this, I’ll admit I was a little bit disappointed.  In the tube, it looked like a promising red, chock-full of festive glitter flecks.  On my arm, it was a somewhat subdued affair:

left: one light pass.  right: a few passes (how I normally wear it)

After testing it out on my lips, though, I discovered that it was the perfect, perk-me-up rosy shade.  I’ve finally worked out (after 2 years, because I’m slow) that pale/nude lip colors require work, since I’m so pale and rarely wear makeup during the week.  No eye makeup + nude lips = corpse-like zombie, which is not attractive.

Although the color is very sheer with one pass, it’s thin and easily buildable.  I can swipe on a few coats, and barely feel them.  As for the glitter, I can feel it while I’m applying this to my lips.  However, once it’s on, I can’t feel any grit whatsoever, even if I rub my lips together.  From a normal viewing distance, the glitter just reads as a slightly warm shine.  It’s only when you get up close that you can see the tiny sparkles.  Very festive.  I approve.

As close to a full face shot as I am willing to post.  Hopefully, this gives you a little bit better of an idea of how it looks on me.

Extremely sheered out.  Worn with PJs and blue leopard Snuggie.  So.  Very.  Classy.

As far as the smell goes (Larie, this is for you), Cherry Ice sports a very light, sugary scent (barely detectable, but I thought I would mention it because I believe most of the line is unscented.  It’s just these 4-5 troublemakers that are different).

I’m also in love with the packaging of the Colorburst line.  The rounded square tubes, quilted black packaging, and ‘Revlon’ logo embossed on the bullet all satisfy my inner crazy lipstick lady.

Close-up so you can see the glitter flecks.  Ignore the chipped lipstick in the background.  I’m a klutz.

Trying to get the glitter flecks to show up in swatches was impossible.  Sorry about the poor lighting, but at least you can see the glitter!

Normally, this lipstick retails close to $10 a tube.  However, if you hurry to your local CVS now, you should be able to find it for $2.62 like I did, which (do I even need to say this?) is more than worth it.  While its appearance in the tube is a little bit deceiving, I’m happy to say that we worked things out in the end.  And now, I’m itching to get a backup, which is ridiculous.

Please, one of you stop me.

~Makeup Morsels

6 thoughts on “Things That Are Nice: Revlon Cherry Ice

  1. Sp pretty on you! I love the little sparkles! Adds just the right amount of festive!
    I like your Snuggie. I am jealous of it. Mine is just aqua.

  2. *grabs wallet from you* 😛

    Aw you have a beautiful smile and hair! 😀 Oh and I’m totally digging that leopard Snuggie. Tres chic! You rock Cherry Ice well! The glitter flecks just add that nice little touch at the end.

    (I’ll ask Santa to drop by your place too)

    • *whew* thanks! I’ll probably sneak it back eventually though…knowing myself.

      Thanks 😀 Yes, I think you really enjoyed the first post when I showed it hahahah. So here it is again! And if you’re still looking for a wearable red, I’m thinking you can’t go wrong with a $2 lipstick.

      Tell Santa I baked him cookies as well. And there’s milk. So…I think that equals one YSL bag, right?

  3. Pretty! And what I can see of your face is adorable 😀

    I like the color – it seems like it’d be super flattering on a number of skin tones. Thanks for the description of the smell 😛 I think I’ll pass.

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