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Change of Plans

Alright, it was my best friend’s birthday today, so some re-shuffling of the New Year Guide must be done.  Fear not, tomorrow’s post has already been pre-scheduled to go up at 5 am (er, not that any of you will be up at that time.  But it’ll be here!  Just…waiting).

Essentially, I’m pushing the avocado-related deliciousness to next week.  Sometimes you just have to make those tough decisions.

See you bright (maybe that’s not the best word, since the sun is but a feeble flicker in the sky at 5 am) and early tomorrow!

~Makeup Morsels


2 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. LOL you know, when I read yesterday’s post, I was like ooh a lip post on Wednesday? That sounds exciting.

    And it only hit me today that I know what that post is, DUH. But it’s still exciting! 😉

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