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It’s A Lipstick Bandit Holiday Extravaganza

I am referring to Lipstick Bandits, as I doubt actual bandits give a flying fig about Holiday Lips.  However, having had no experience whatsoever being an actual bandit, I guess I can’t generalize.

I know that the holidays are technically over, but hello, do I ever need an excuse to break out red lipstick?

(That was rhetorical).

(But in case you’re wondering, the answer is no).

I know that the traditional New Year’s Eve look is smokey/glam eyes with nude lips, but if you feel like shaking things up for 2012, you could do red lips.  Or you could wear them to the grocery store.  If you’re extra cool (like me), you could wear them while baking something delicious in the kitchen, or polishing up the last of those never-ending college applications.

This time around, the guidelines were anything that fell within the red+sparkly realm.  Which let me assure you, is a wide and glorious realm.

Products used:

Prestige Waterproof Lipliner in True Red, Jesse’s Girl Eye Dust in Pink Glitz, and…

Ellis Red, of course.  For this look, I chose the Milky Lips Formula in L201.


Apparently, horrible bathroom-yellow lighting is the only way to trick my camera into reading glitter as glitter.  So if you’re looking at the lip swatches, thinking she said red+sparkly, I see no sparkly thus she must be sleep deprived, well there is sparkle but you can’t see it.

I will admit to the sleep deprived part, though.

I started off by penciling in my entire lip with True Red, then slicked a coat of Ellis Red on top.  The more red the better, right?

Red lips, pre-sparkle:

The rest was easy.  I just grabbed some glitter with my ring finger, and dabbed it on the center of my lip.  Where the sparkle spread too far and covered up the base, I went back over with more Ellis Red.


Just to be clear, I’m not 100% sure that Pink Glitz is lip-safe.  Since I had a bunch of lip product underneath and washed it off within 10 minutes, I went ahead and used it for the purposes of this post.  If you’re going to attempt something like this, be sure to check that whatever glitter/shimmer/sparkly doodad you choose is lip-safe, ok?  It will give me peace of mind.

And finally, a semi-full face shot so you can get an idea of what this looks like from a normal (read: non-creeper) viewing distance.

Of course, I am but one lipstick-loving bandit in this merry group.  To see what my fellow ladies-in-lipstick-crime came up with, check out the links below!

~Makeup Morsels

Full Disclosure: Ellis Red is a press sample.  For more information, please see my disclaimer

24 thoughts on “It’s A Lipstick Bandit Holiday Extravaganza

  1. Your hair is sooooo lovely. And I love the pink glitters on the red lip – it’s fab! So festive. 😀 And technically the holidays aren’t over – New Year’s is still coming up!!!

    • Will you kill me if I tell you this was taken first thing in the morning, before any brushing or combing? 😛

      Glad you like it! And ah, that’s true. But I always think of Christmas as the end of red lip season, dunno why since I continue to wear them year-round LOL

    • Ellis Red is the love of my life 😛
      Well…as much as I hate to say this, it’s mostly just easy breezy Asian hair genes. There are a couple of things I do though, maybe I should write a post on that soon!

  2. Ooh, I like this! It comes off too frosty for my tastes, but my sister would LOVE a lipstick that looks like your finished results – it’s right up her alley. (Idk, I just usually stay away from frosts, shimmers, and glitters. But I’ll have to keep an eye out for something like this; it’s really cute!)

    • Milani makes a lipstick called Frosted Pink that should give a similar effect. I’m not sure if she would be able to wear it though, I think I remember you saying she’s sensitive to a lot of ingredients?

  3. *whistles* Sexy face shot and luscious lips (as always)! 😀 Still need to try this brand!

    ($30 *is* a lot to spend on salt. If you don’t mind extra email, I recommend signing up for their email list as they sometimes do sales. As for my NYE, I have family friends coming down so I guess whatever they want to do…lol. 😉 How about you?)

    • Aw, thanks girl 😛 and yes, you really do.

      Do you happen to know where I can get *relatively* inexpensive truffle salt? Sounds fun! I’m going to stay up late reading Tolkien under my electric heating blanket. Very exciting stuff.

  4. This is beautiful and I love the first picture. You make me want to go dig back out my Ellis Faas lipsticks 🙂 happy new year!

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