Hello, Daisy!

I think everyone has already said everything there is to say about Daisy here, so I’ll only add my two cents if anyone asks for them.  Enjoy the pictures!  I took about 50, but figured you wouldn’t want to see 50 images of one perfume bottle, right?

Speaking of which, if you can get past the plastic daisies, the bottle itself is quite beautiful.  I never noticed this before, because those gigantic flowers were always in the way.

Everything shot in natural light, on carpet/placemats.  I miss my lightbox.

~Makeup Morsels


8 thoughts on “Hello, Daisy!

  1. Those are beautiful photos! I love the second one where it looks like the fragrance was dancing around inside the bottle. Daisy has a simple yet elegant bottle, probably the best in that category. To me, it smells like a sunny day and strangely enough, I remember my grandma wearing something similar when I was a kid.

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