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Story of My Life/Why There Was No Apple Post

As if the stuffy sinuses and hacking cough weren’t enough, the universe decided to lob another zinger my way on Friday (ok fine, I guess I can’t blame the universe for my own stupidity) and I ended up with a sizable second degree burn.

This whole incident made me realize that I should write a book, and that book would be called What Not to Do When You Burn Yourself.  Let’s review, shall we?

Do not ‘laugh it off’

Do not walk around for 3 hours pretending everything is ok.  If you feel calm and detached from your body while simultaneously in pain, that should be a sign that something is wrong…

Do not drive yourself home when you are a)in pain and b)clearly not thinking clearly

And that concludes today’s lesson, which was based on my personal experience 😀

If you do burn yourself, immediately pour cool water over the burn (but don’t use ice or cold water), take painkillers, and go see a doctor as soon as you can.  More tips for burn care here.

And yes, I’m working on those apple pictures now!  They’ll go up this coming Friday (assuming I don’t do anything dumb between now and then.  It’s a 50/50 sort of thing).

~Makeup Morsels


18 thoughts on “Story of My Life/Why There Was No Apple Post

  1. Oh no!!! 😦 sorry to hear that!

    Yes certainly never laugh off a second degree burn! I hope you won’t get any scarring 😦 Did you get it seen to in the end? If you lived with me or were on twitter I’d have virtually shouted until you dowsed the offending body part in running cold water for 10 minutes or more. …

    Blergh about the sinuses too 😦 Unlucky! Feel better soon!

    • I think my brain went off into lalaland the second it happened. I hope so too, but I will probably have at least minor scarring. I did go see the doctor eventually that day, but I basically did the opposite of everything you’re supposed to do immediately following the burn. Whoops! If only the wise Jian was there when it happened to smack me upside the head and bring me some common sense *sigh*

      Thanks! My cough/sinuses seem to be getting worse and it’s been over a week, so I’m going to go see the doctor tomorrow 🙂

      • AH……I hope everything will be ok with that burn >< Take care!!!

        P.S. My package to you will probably be quite late I'm afraid. The cold weather is making me extremely aversive towards going outside. On the other hand, hopefully you'll have a valentine's day parcel hahahahaha…

  2. Oh no! I hope your wound heals quickly! I haven’t burned myself severely before, but I did cut myself pretty bad. Took hours for the bleeding to stop on my hand (my index finger, to be precise). I should write a “what not to do when you cut yourself while slicing an apple” and the first rule would be “don’t continue slicing the apple”

    • Thanks Danielle! And oh god, yes definitely don’t continue slicing the apple! When did this happen? No scarring or anything, I hope.
      Hm…maybe we should write a book together 😛

  3. Oh my god, I just have to say – I’ve heard about your blog a few times before through Liz etc., and just never got around to checking it out till now for whatever reason – and I’m SO glad I did! Not that I am AT ALL finding pleasure in your 2nd degree burns, because – OWWWWW!! But you are freakin’ hilarious with your stick-figure pictures and you just totally made my (shitty) day. If these are the kind of posts I’m in for, you can be sure I’ll be reading your blog from now on 😀

    *But seriously – ouch! I’m sorry about the burns!!

    • hahahaha I’m glad you enjoy my stick figure drawings, I have been developing my stick figure drawing skillz for years now. Unfortunately I can’t insert them in every post (however much I try), but they do pop up every now and then.

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