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High School Beauty Tips & A Golden Globe Hair How-To

Since I spent yesterday sharing my failures in burn treatment, I though I could start today by sharing some wisdom with you.  My latest Teen Beauty Contributor post for Temptalia is up, and you can read it here (it’s a rundown of 3 beauty-related tips that have kept me sane throughout high school).

Now, onto the Golden Globes.  Did anyone watch those last night?  I know my parents did, but I prefer reading the beauty and fashion recaps to actually watching the award ceremony.  Here’s a quick hair how-to for Entertainment Tonight Host Nancy O’Dell’s updo:

STEP 1: Stylist Heather Haynes began by spraying a generous amount of Rusk’s Thick Body and Texture Amplifier throughout Nancy’s towel dried hair, with emphasis on the root – particularly at the crown of the head.
STEP 2: As she blew out Nancy’s hair, the thickening spray helped create body and volume.  Haynes blew out the hair in sections, using a round, boar bristle brush and again, paying close attention to the root to emphasize volume.
STEP 3: Once Nancy’s hair was dry, Haynes used a dime sized amount of Rusk’s Deepshine Oil – spreading it evenly throughout the hair.  If you suffer from dry or split ends, it’s best to use additional oil on the ends – this will condition the hair and eliminate frizz.
STEP 4: Haynes created a simple side part and swept Nancy’s hair into a high, loose pony tail – making sure to leave enough volume at the crown of the head.  She then tucked the loose hair from the pony tail under, securing with bobby pins to create a neat bun.
STEP 5: For the quick finishing touch – Haynes sprayed a misting of Rusk’s Deepshine Oil Finishing Hairspray around the entire look.  This formula is perfect for combatting flyways and frizz that can creep up during a long night on the red carpet.

What were your favorite looks on the red carpet last night?

~Makeup Morsels

Stock image courtesy of PR


8 thoughts on “High School Beauty Tips & A Golden Globe Hair How-To

  1. Oooh me too, I just watch for the dresses and makeup! I loooved Clair Danes, Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron, and Michelle Williams. Their makeup AND dresses were on point! 😀

    • LOL it’s the most interesting part! I loved Shailene Woodley (ok I don’t even watch her show or know who she is, but the second I saw her dress I guessed it was Marchesa, so I was bound to think it was gorgeous).

  2. I’m not too sure about my favourites.. have yet to watch the Golden Globes, only a smattering of pictures here and there hahaha xD

    The tutorial sounds simple, but I know I’ll mess it up somehow!

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