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My Little World of Books

Yes, that is pixie dust.

When I was young(er), my parents used to say ‘no reading’ instead of ‘you’re grounded.’  And then they would hide my library books, and I would be miffed.  That is how much I love to read.

Knowing this, it might seem strange that I can count the books I’ve bought on one hand (though I suppose that depends if you count a book set as one book or not).  It’s a teeny-tiny collection, so I was wondering if any of you would be interested in seeing the books I love enough to have purchased.  Let me know below, this is a pretty simple yes/no deal!

What have you been up to this weekend?

~Makeup Morsels


6 thoughts on “My Little World of Books

  1. I didn’t really start buying books until university, when you sort of had to. I used the public library to haul bagfuls of books during high school. 🙂 Now I try to buy from the second-hand bookstores and university book sales and splurge once in a while on a nice, shiny new edition at the regular bookstores where I also end up coming home with candles and other stuff. lol Yes, show us your books!

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