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NOTD: Colorito

Although I often complain about polishes that require more than 2 coats, I have no problem whatsoever with extra coats when they are shiny.  Maybe I was a magpie in another life, or maybe I was Thorin Oakenshield.  Who knows?

This manicure started off as a single coat of Sinful Colors Open Seas, a beautifully dusty green creme that appears to be a dupe of OPI Mermaid’s Tears.  It’s simple and chic alone, but when have I ever worn a (non-red) polish alone?

One sheered out coat of China Glaze Tinsel, globbed on bits of Covergirl Disco Dazzle, and a crowning layer of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure later, I ended up with what might be my favorite manicure to date.  At extreme angles, the flakes glow a deep green, but most of the time, they show up as a smattering of warm orange particles.  It was difficult for me to capture the true base color here, as well as the shine.  The last two images really show the spellbinding glitter, but the color accuracy is…nonexistent.

Like marmalade sun hitting a grassy knoll, or sunset on the shallows of a pristine lake.  Hazy light on dewdrops.  Apparently, I get misty-eyed and poetic over nail polish.

Too much glitter, or just the right amount?

What have you been wearing on your nails lately?

~Makeup Morsels


11 thoughts on “NOTD: Colorito

  1. That’s so pretty! I’ve been wearing Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Blow, a pretty sorbet lemon shade but I really need to take it off now and wear something else. Not sure what yet though.

  2. Pwettttty!!!

    I am absolutely loving being able to wear nail polish this year, and I am really taking full advantage of it since this is probably the only year of my life until after I retire that I can wear nail polish everyday unless I become a psychiatrist – I think they can wear polish because infection control usually isn’t an issue! (this is unlikely for me, I don’t like pyschiatrics much).

    Anyway I digress. I have yet to try the lovely polish you sent me, but right now I am wearing Barry M Indigo with Max Factor’s Mini Polish in Fantasy Fire on top! It is a beautiful multichrome polish which is apparently a dupe for Clarins 230! :3

    • Aw well, enjoy this year then! I’m glad you like the polish, I thought it was such a pretty white-but-not-actually-white hehe

      That combination sounds so gorgeous! Pictures possibly? 🙂

  3. Ooh, I LOVE this!! Wow, it’s so pretty, like what I’d picture a mermaid’s tail to look like!!! It’s really fabulous, you did a great combo job here 🙂

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