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Ellis Faas Concealer Review

If there is such a thing as the bread and butter of a makeup collection, it would probably be a base makeup item, such as concealer.  To put it in food terms, while lipstick is akin to truffle salt and nail polish is tea… you know what?  This is a bad analogy.  I’m going to stop now.

Concealer is a basic makeup item that I think of as a necessary building block for a makeup collection.  I’m one of those lucky souls with permanent dark circles under my eyes, so I don’t like to think what my life would be like without concealer.

Dark and lonely, probably.  And soul-crushing.

I’ve spent a lot of time raving about Ellis Faas products on this blog.  No, the click pens aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and neither are the prices, but they consistently produce innovative yet practical products that are a joy to wear.

Bare face.  I seem to look even more tired than usual.  

I have the concealer in shade S201, which is a smidge pale for me at the moment, but good for most of the year.  Although the product is a liquid, it quickly morphs into a weightless creamy powder as I dab it on.  Coverage is medium, not as heavy-duty as my Hard Candy concealer, but good enough to cover up both blemishes and dark circles.  This concealer blends with ease, and feels extremely light on the skin.  It doesn’t settle into fine lines, nor does it crease and migrate throughout the day.

Another thing I really love about this concealer is the shade range.  The eight options go from fair to dark, and everyone should be able to find a good color match.

My one major reserve is the price tag.  One pen-ful of Ellis Faas concealer retails at $40.  You may balk.  I balk with you.  But more on that below.

Extensive shade range, long wear time, weightless feel, good coverage and texture, blendability.

The price.  I did like this product a lot, but the problem is that I already have a favorite dark circle concealer and a favorite blemish concealer, and the two put together are less expensive than Ellis Faas’ offering.  On top of that, concealer isn’t a product I usually find myself splurging on.

If you are an Ellis Faas fan, this could be an excellent addition to your collection.  I’m happy enough with my current concealers that I can’t say I could justify the price for this one.  That being said, if you don’t mind paying extra for a quality concealer, give this one a look.  While you’re at it, I would also encourage you to admire the beauty that is Ellis Red.

What’s your favorite concealer?  Have you ever splurged on a concealer before?

Full Disclosure: The product in this post was submitted for review, either by a PR firm or directly from the manufacturer.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.

10 thoughts on “Ellis Faas Concealer Review

    • I mean, I might if I couldn’t find a comparable dark circle concealer at a lower price, I think that’s why a lot of people go for Cle de Peau (which omg…makes this one look like a bargain -___-). But luckily I did find one I really loved in Taiwan! Which concealer(s) do you use?

  1. $40?!!!!!!

    Thank you for the review though. Apparently this brand is available in one of the department stores in london! I’m not sure I want to go and check it out though since if I get hooked I’ll have a hole burned in my pocket!

  2. Hate to be a naysayer but I’m so over Ellis Faas. One, it’s not around anywhere here. Two, it’s expensive. Three, their Twitter is managed by someone who refuses to answer Qs. Four, sounds like the concealer is definitely not worth $40. Not going to lose sleep over it!

  3. I also am graced with uber-dark circles, and have been on the hunt for the perfect concealer for what seems like a lifetime! I would spend $40 on it if it were THE ONE, but I’m not so sure that it would be. What is your fave dark circle concealer???

    • Exactly! I feel like I’m willing to spend more if something is ‘the one,’ but I’m not sure that this is ‘the one’ for me, especially since I already have a favorite dark circle concealer. Mine is Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Concealer, I bought mine in Taiwan for around $10-12. The thing with that one is, if you don’t have a Skin Food store in your country/general area, the online markup can get ridiculous…I’ve seen it go for around $30. I mean, I would pay $30 if that was the original price, but it doesn’t make sense to pay that much extra when you can get it for less than half the price. The other thing is that it’s a line that was created for Asian consumers, and their shade range is extremely limited. I have the darker of the two shades (although the lighter ones works for me too), and I’m around MAC N15.

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