The Wednesday Wigeon

The Wednesday Wigeon No.44

1. What’s on your spring wish list?

Guerlain Cruel Gardenia Meteorites and a Slatkin Flowershop Candle (sniffed the unlit 3-wick in store, smells just like fresh-cut flowers and dew).

2. Are you a speed reader, or do you like to savor words?

It really depends what I’m reading.  I tend to be a speed reader, though.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down.

3. Describe your perfect nonacademic/non-work day.

I was once asked this question in an interview, 4 or 6 years ago, I don’t remember which.  I had so much trouble answering, and spent a good 5 minutes stuttering.  It wasn’t because I was trying to impress the interviewer and come up with a fabulous answer.  At that point in my life, I could not articulate what I wanted to do or even come up with basic things like my favorite color.  If there’s one thing I’ve gained over the past 4-5 years, it’s direction.  That certainly doesn’t mean I have my life all planned out, but I can tell you I have my own ‘wants’ and dreams, as selfish as that may sound.

And that is your long and unnecessary story for the day!  At present, I think my perfect day would be: wake up to one of those mornings where the light is cool and soft, have a cup of hot black coffee or tea, walk out the door to a 55 degree day and a sky that’s bleached of color, find out that The Hobbit is in theaters, go see The Hobbit, visit The Louvre, see the Male lyre player from Keros (currently the wallpaper on my phone), taste a black winter truffle, stroll through the rose gardens at Castle Howard, have lunch with fellow beauty bloggers, pet an alpaca, stumble across The Shire, join Bilbo for dinner, see a Marchesa gown in person, attend an Eminem concert, go home, light my Fireside candle, read a fairytale, curl up under my electric heating blanket, drift off to sleep.

You know the drill by now!  To take part in TWW, simply copy/paste these questions, and answer them in the comments below:

1. What’s on your spring wish list?

2. Are you a speed reader, or do you like to savor words?

3. Describe your perfect nonacademic/non-work day.


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20 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wigeon No.44

  1. 1. What’s on your spring wish list?
    Nothing exciting. I’m already over spring makeup collections 😉 Plus, you know, there’s the ban 😛 I could, however, use new workout clothing!
    2. Are you a speed reader, or do you like to savor words?
    I’m a speed reader, unless I’m reading poetry or Shakespeare. I need to savor books more sometimes, but sometimes they’re not worth savoring 😛
    3. Describe your perfect nonacademic/non-work day.
    If we’re talking things that can actually happen, I’d say: Get up late, have a massive breakfast and a mug of coffee, curl up on the couch with a book or a video game. Go outside for some sunshine or go climbing. Have happy hour or an early dinner, a fabulous dessert, and maybe play a board game. 😀

  2. 1. What’s on your spring wish list?
    A handful of polishes, maybe the Rose Gold shimmer brick from Bobbi Brown (have to see it in person)…and I think that’s it! Everything else I purchased 🙂 Bring on Summer!
    2. Are you a speed reader, or do you like to savor words?
    Definitely a speedy reader, and I’m probably doing something else at the time too like painting my nails, because I am a horrid multitasker. It’s a problem, seriously!
    3. Describe your perfect nonacademic/non-work day.
    Get up relatively early (but not too), drink a Caramel Caretto from Second Cup (that miraculously has no calories on this day), read all my favorite blogs, go for a long run, eat a fabulous lunch of thai and sushi – definitely with all the fabulous blogging ladies!, shop for all I desire with an unlimited gift card (oh yea….I have a problem), watch LotR/read HP for the first time (cause you know that first time was just so damn good), and then…sleep. Fully. Throughout the whole night and not wake up once. Ohhhh yea 🙂

    • Wow, speed-reading while painting your nails? Color me impressed! I don’t think I would be able to do anything else while painting my nails. LOL, yes let’s just ake away all calories on this day. Poof! Really, first time for you? LOTR gets better with age for me, although I think HP was probably the best first time around.
      Think I need to tack some of your day onto my day. Love it 🙂

  3. 1- I think I have my eye on the new green Dior shadow trio, it looks lovely! I purchased the Guerlain Cruel Gardenia and it was worth every penny! 😉
    2- I do both, but I speed read a lot as well. Sometimes I do slow down to savor the story if it’s a book. But magazine articles I read so fast!
    3- Slowly wake/rise from bed. Go for run and cook myself some eggs. Sloooowly get ready until noon and then maybe head to the shops or go to a movie with my guy or friends, go out for dinner, take dogs for a long stroll before sitting down with a nice book to fall asleep. 🙂

    • Saw Cruel Gardenia on Jessica and Xiaos’ blogs, those two are such enablers! Anyways, I almost certainly won’t end up getting that (even though I wholeheartedly believe your claim that it is worth every penny) due to the beauty ban, but I’ll let it float prettily in wishlist limbo. I read magazine articles so quickly too, just the way they’re laid out makes me want to speed right through.
      Love reading about everybody’s perfect days! Eggs sounds delicious, and there’s something so nice about taking your time to get ready, isn’t there?

  4. You’re such a delightful hobbity morsel! And how much did I love seeing Marchesa right next to Eminem? LOL

    The only thing I truly want this month is Deborah Lippmann’s Mermaid’s Dreams nail polish. I’m haunting the Lippmann counters on a weekly basis but they’re still nowhere to be found.

    As for reading, I used to speed read when younger but now I take the time to do a lot of critical thinking and analysis while reading, so I’ve become a very slow reader. (Or so I say, it may just be a side effect of getting older.) But it also depends on what I’m reading. I skim magazine/newspaper articles, speed read through trash fiction and slow down for what I feel are important.

    As for my perfect day, I have about 10 variations of them, but they all begin with waking from a delicious 8 hours of optimum sleep, eating a large and hearty breakfast with pancakes and eggs and sausages with a large cup of piping hot coffee and a mimosa, parting the breezy white curtains to reveal a beautiful ocean view… and from there, I just sort of get lost and the day flies by. There are birds chirping, friendly faces, sun toasting skin and sand between my toes. I may or may not be slightly drunk by 2pm.

    • Why thank you, Liz! You’re quite delightful yourself. And I’m glad you appreciated that, I’m not sure what Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig would make of it, but I’m pretty sure Eminem’s response would look something like this.
      8 hours of sleep is the PERFECT amount, if only we could get that every day, eh? (Did I just say ‘eh?’ I think I did). Your perfect day sounds perfectly lovely.

  5. 1. What’s on your spring wish list?
    The Paul & Joe spring collection (those cats are too cute!)

    2. Are you a speed reader, or do you like to savor words?
    I’m a speed reader, unless I’m reading a book that I really, really love. Then I like to savour every word.

    3. Describe your perfect nonacademic/non-work day.
    I’d wake up early but stay in bed till late reading, have lunch, pamper myself with a good mask, manicure etc, then go shopping, followed by a nice stroll in the park and dinner with the boyfriend.

    • That is an adorable collection! Products are too pretty for me to use though 😛 Looks like most people here are speed readers!
      Love the sound of your day, and sounds pretty attainable too~

  6. Still cannot decide if I need to get cruel gardenia. I thought it was out of stock but its still in stock in a few stores here under a different name!…… Highlighter wise to be honest I am fine as I still have plenty of use out of my maquillage face creator and the lovely palette you gave me also has a highlighter in it which works beautifully!

    1. What’s on your spring wish list?
    These days I am quite inclined to be ignoring new collections. I do not need to know what is coming out, because I do not need to buy any more makeup!!!

    2. Are you a speed reader, or do you like to savor words?
    I’m a speed reader. Sometimes I have to tell myself to slow down. I often have to read the same sentence several times to actually make sense of it sometimes.

    3. Describe your perfect nonacademic/non-work day.
    This is difficult. But it would start with waking up early-ish (~8am) and being not tired! Springing out of bed and having a nice leisurely breakfast, have time to get ready and then go meet my favourite blogger and twitter ladies for lunch, do a spot of shopping. Have a lovely but light dinner, and then go watch the muppets movie which still hasn’t hit our cinemas yet (waiting for this Friday). 🙂

    Have a great rest of the week!

    • Too expensive for me at the moment, but I definitely enjoy staring at its beauty! So happy to hear the palette is working out for you 🙂
      LOL at ‘springing out of bed.’ Go Jian go! Hope we can have lunch together someday, I imagine that would be super good times.

      • LOL! Yes, any day where I spring out of bed at or before 8am is considered a good day!

        😀 Thank you so much! It is a lovely little gem! Yessss lunch together would be great. I wish that we all lived closer together!

  7. My perfect day is almost like yours!! 🙂 Especially everything to do with The Hobbit! 🙂 And except it also involves DISNEYLAND. 🙂 I could live there. I want to live there and eat Dole Whip everyday.
    I just picked up a few things from Chanel Spring today, but other than that I am done. Except for maybe the new Chantecaille Coral Reef Palette-it looks gorgeous!

    • Yes, let’s traipse off to The Shire together and drop by Bag End for tea! How did I forget Disneyland? Must have hit my head! And I’ve never had Dole Whip before, believe it or not (and I’ve been to Disneyland many many times. Hmm…this is a problem). Ohh, what did you get? Chanel always does such pretty things.

  8. That is quite the day! Mine is pretty boring compared to that. 😛

    1. What’s on your spring wish list?
    A dress for a wedding I’ll be attending.

    2. Are you a speed reader, or do you like to savor words?
    I like to savor but really it’s b/c I can’t speed read…lol.

    3. Describe your perfect nonacademic/non-work day.
    Wake up, have breakfast in bed, take a walk on the beach, hit the spa, lunch with gal pals, and then return home to a nice dinner w/ the hubs.

    (Thank you for your kind words. <3<3<3)

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