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Not a word I use frequently.  But the ROTK Complete Recordings soundtrack is perfect, and worth every penny of the $24.99 I paid.  I don’t know how many more times I have to write to iTunes until they carry the FOTR and Two Tower Recordings (did give them a reprieve a couple years ago), but if Frodo had enough determination to reach Mordor, I will follow in his footsteps and send a final email to the iTunes people.  Who, by the way, have always been a lovely bunch.  I hope they aren’t too annoyed with me over there.

Sorry for the picture quality, this was taken with my camera phone.

Most of the tracks are available as individual purchases.  If you have the money and love LOTR, I’d urge you to go ahead and spend the $25.  If not, my top pick off this album is “The Lighting of the Beacons.”  $0.99 will get you 9 minutes of pure happiness.

Lately, I’ve eased up on the rap, and switched over to blasting this album when I’m driving.  It transforms my commute into a road filled with adventure (getting lost), danger (merging lanes), uncertainty (yellow lights) and epic deeds (smooth turns/lane changes).

Hope you have wonderful things in store this weekend!  I’ve been working on a whole slew of makeup-related posts, which I know have been few and far between this week.  Fear not, I’ll put the ‘beauty’ back in ‘beauty blog’ starting Monday.

8 thoughts on “Perfection

    • It’s 3.8 hours long. Basically every minute of music you hear in the movies is on here. Of course, you could just get the regular soundtrack for a much lower price 🙂 But the iTunes deal is pretty good. If you buy the hard copy CDs, each set goes for around $60-70. Which is why I so desperately want iTunes to carry the other two in store.

      And it is SO VERY EPIC.

  1. The moment I read the title and the first line of this post, I turned to my boyfriend and was like “THIS is why I love blogging – these girls are nerds like me!!” lol.

    Your commute to work sounds like an awesome adventure; if I still had my own car and drove to work, that would make everything so much better, as I definitely get road rage in traffic. Our transit drivers are on strike right now (just finished week two) so the people of Halifax could sure use this album! As could I, just because 🙂

    • LOL thanks for letting me know! Somehow that ended up as my default category, so when I forget to check a box, it goes to Bath & Body.

      Love the Rohan theme too. Howard Shore put that in “Return to Edoras” and “The Battle of the Pelennor Fields.” There might be a little bit of it in “Lighting of the Beacons” too, but I have to go back and listen to make sure (any excuse, hahah).

  2. I don’t own the soundtracks but I have a playlist on YouTube faved and always turn up the radio on the classical station when they play anything from the LOTR trilogy. So, you know, not as hardcore as you and Larie but still kindred spirits.

    I’m not sure which theme I like best. The whole thing is just EPIC. (And I don’t use that word lightly!)

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