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Snip Snip With The CreaClip

When I was 4 or 5, I managed to get my hands on a pair of scissors.  My young and imaginative mind immediately set to work thinking of ways to use them.  I ‘hid’ under the kitchen table (a truly clever decision, as it was open on all sides) and took a huge chunk out of my hair.  Needless to say, the scissors were taken away and a good half-hour’s worth of scolding ensued.

Maybe I’ve never quite lost my fascination with cutting my own hair, because that’s what I’ve been doing for the past two years.  For the first year or so, I restricted the snipping to my bangs, but gradually grew bolder.  I’ve only had one good salon haircut in my life, and grew increasingly frustrated at my bad luck.  Trimming and layering my own hair, I discovered, was surprisingly simple.

Trimming is relatively straightforward, and you could probably bribe/coerce/ask a family member or friend to do it for you if you’re nervous.  Layering seems like it would be much more difficult.  It wasn’t until I stumbled across the CreaClip that I learned the easy way to layer.

Creaclips are essentially plastic clips.  They contain levels in the center (similar to the ones you see on tripods) to help ensure an even cut.  This video explains the layering process better than I can, so take a look:

Basically, I flip my hair over my head, clip, and have at it with a pair of hair shears (should run you around $10 at the drugstore).  I copy the process up until 0:35, and then do a second round, flipping the hair behind my ears forward this time.

I received compliments on my last two or three cuts, so either everyone was lying out of pity, or they actually looked decent!  Again, I haven’t had the best luck with salon cuts in the past, and I noticed that most of the time, I ended up with hair that looked very done, and not in a good way.  I have a sneaking suspicion that cutting my own hair actually gives it a sort of easy-breezy quality, which a couple of you have commented on (thank you, I blushed).

The breakdown…

  • The CreaClip channel, which has tons of video tutorials for different hair lengths and styles.  They can get a little redundant, but it’s a great resource to have.
  • Also thought the level was a nice touch, as it distinguishes the CreaClip from the regular clip.  The curve on the big clip gives me natural looking layers.
  • Very easy to use.  I was nervous the first time, but the process takes about 5 minutes.

  • The price, $29.99 + shipping & handling gets you a big clip plus a little one for bangs.  It’s less expensive than going to the salon when you break down the cost per use, plus it’s nice to have for people who like to get their hair cut once or twice a year, but would prefer to touch up their hair at home every month.  On the other hand, $30 is a bit expensive for two clips with a level.

I know I wouldn’t have been brave enough to cut my hair without a ‘crutch’ the first time around, and I continue to rely on this for even layers (still traumatized from the diagonal bowl cuts my mom used to give me.  Not as stylish as they might sound).  If you’re one of those fearless souls who don’t need any reassurance to cut hair, you don’t need this, but otherwise, it makes the process a lot quicker and less scary.  In any case, I’d recommend you take a look at their video tutorials for easy peasy layering.

Have you ever cut your own hair before?  Want to share your most traumatic haircut stories?  I’m all ears!

Full Disclosure: The product in this post was submitted for review, either by a PR firm or directly from the manufacturer.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


18 thoughts on “Snip Snip With The CreaClip

  1. You look gorgeous and mysterious in that photo at the top! 😉

    You know, I did exactly the same thing as a kid except that I lied to my mom about cutting my own hair and she chased me around the house to give me a vicious spanking. I ran to my grandmother who happened to have been visiting and she protected me. My mom was SO ANGRY! LOL But I had spent the previous few weeks cutting up table cloths and anything that was cuttable, so in her defence, I think it was the last straw for her.

    I’m not sure that I’m brave enough, dexterous enough or diligent enough to cut my own hair now, even with this nifty device, but it’s good to know that such an option exists! I had no idea such a gadget was out there.

    • Yeah, I borrowed the wigeon’s gorgeous and mysterious aura 😛

      hahaha ok, I definitely downplayed the ‘half and hour of scolding’ thing, it was worse in reality. And LOL, well table cloths are just so tempting, aren’t they?
      I thought all of those things the first time I tried to (properly) cut my hair, which is why I started off just doing my bangs. But it’s easier than it sounds, plus hair always grows back! At least that’s what I tell myself everything I pick up the scissors…

  2. Ok, don’t laugh. But I still wouldn’t trust myself even with this thing! I’m just not good w/ my hands…lol.

    You on the other hand, are obviously talented! Love the soft layers in your hair. 😀

    • I am not a very dexterous person either. My hand-eye coordination is somewhere around zero. So if I can pull this off, I have faith in your abilities!

      Thank you though 🙂 And thank goodness they’re so easy to style.

  3. Your hair looks lovely! 🙂

    I also read a review on another blogger’s blog like…two days ago, literally! I am very intrigued by this! I usually drag myself to the hairdresser because my bangs are becoming too long and unwieldy rather than for any other reason so if I reckon if I could cut my own bangs wihtout messing up I wouldn’t need to go so often! Sorry to hear you haven’t had great experience with hairdressers – mine on the whole are fairly positive, but since I go on the train to london to get mine cut in Japanese salons (£35+£42 = £78, just for a haircut)…I dont like to go too often!

    I totally feel you about the bowl haircuts. My parents used to do mine all the time. xD

    • Thank you, Jian! What a coincidence! Whose blog?

      I’ve actually started cutting my bangs freehand now because I’m too lazy to use the CreaClip hahah, I just use that for trims and layers. You could give it a try, bangs are fairly easy to do. And wow, that’s a pricey haircut! But your hair is super cute, so I guess it was worth it 🙂 I used to think that maybe it was because I was spending $25 per cut that I couldn’t get a decent one, but the lady who did my hair in Taiwan (this would be the one good cut I had) charged something like $10 including tip. Granted, things are much less expensive in Taiwan than America but WHATEVER, if she can do it for $10 and I can do it for free, I refuse to pay $25 for a mediocre cut.
      Ah, childhood memories 😀

  4. Oh man, this is the coolest thing ever. I totally want one now.

    Like you, I cut my own hair. I’ve actually been the only one to cut it for the last 13 years. I just don’t trust anyone else. My hair is curly, and few salon stylists know how to handle it.

    And it’s free to do it yourself. 😉

  5. That is so cool – I had no idea there were things like this! I like my hair short and edgy, so…stylists for me, but luckily, I’ve found a good one and I’m keeping her 😛

    Your first pic = so gorgeous. What lippie is that? Or is it layered, like your NY LB post?

    • Your cut is really cute, but yeah, I don’t think I would attempt styling that at home! And luck you! I found a good one too actually, it’s just that she resides halfway around the world.

      Thank you! It’s actually from my LB post hahaha, lazy beauty blogger right here. But for reference, it’s Ellis Red over Prestige lipliner in True Red, and then a dab of Jesse’s Girl Pink Glitz (which may or may not be lip safe).

  6. So cool! I never knew you could cut your own hair so easily. Might have to get this for my daughter.
    And yeah-waht your lippie in your AMAZING photo up there?

    • It’s so nice to have on hand, even if it’s just for touchups between salon cuts. Let me know if you get it for your daughter/if she likes it!
      Prestige Lipliner in True Red+Ellis Red (milky lips I think)+Jesse’s Girl Eye Dust in Pink Glitz (again, not sure if that’s lip safe or not).

  7. Aw, cool!! I coulda used this this week – I straightened my hair (QUITE the process) and I usually give my hair a bit of a trim at that time since it’s much easier to gauge length etc. – but because my hair is sooo curly naturally, it usually ends up looking a bit more blunt, which isn’t ideal with my hair type. This sounds like it would help with the layer but allow me to keep cutting my hair on my own as I have been! Thanks for the heads up on this MM!!

    • Darn! The cutting at a 45 degree angle thing/upwards definitely helps make hair look less blunt, I was doing that with my bangs before I ever came across the CreaClip. No problem, glad to help 🙂

  8. I have never had a good haircut – it’s a mystery to me how anyone gets a good cut. It doesn’t matter what I say, I always get the same cut – the mushroom. I watched the video to :35 and am not sure what you mean when you say you then do it again flipping the hair behind your ears forward – that looks like what the video is showing.. can you explain what you do the second time and what effect that has on your cut? Thanks so much! rachel

    • Ah, the mushroom. I used to get those when I was younger, great times. Basically, gather the hair right behind your ears/anything in front, and bring it to the front of your face. This just gives you more face-framing layers.

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