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Caron Muguet du Bonheur Review

I suppose the moment I first ‘graduated’ from Bath & Body Works body spray (nothing against the stuff, but it’s in an entirely different category) to perfume was when I picked up Coty’s Muguet des Bois.  Now, bear with me, I know this is a review of an entirely different perfume, but I must talk about Muguet des Bois first.

It’s the only fragrance I’ve ever bought unsniffed, not because I was certain it would be perfect, but because I didn’t know any better at the time.  It sounded clean, green, and floral.  So I bought it for a very reasonable $10.  Money well spent, since it changed my preconceived notions of perfume.  Not something you wear just to smell good, after all.  The closest comparison I can think of is music; when people talk about perfume they talk about how it develops, how it softly begins and soars to a crescendo and ends with a trailing diminuendo.  And I can analyze perfume all I want, but in the end, it’s more about the feeling, the faint memory it leaves behind.

While I’m forever grateful to Muguet des Bois for changing my view on fragrance, I cannot wear the blasted thing.  And this, my friends, is why you should never buy scents unsniffed.  It’s a lovely fragrance, but instead of melding with my body chemistry, it marches to its own beat, and then dances a jig right off my skin in about 30 minutes flat.  Fortunately, it fares much better on my mother, and is now one of her favorite scents.  But the point is, I simply couldn’t wear it.

Just as I was about to make peace with the fact that lilies and I weren’t meant to be, Carton Muguet du Bonheur came toddling along.

Muguet du Bonheur is undoubtedly a lily scent, not a generic floral blend at all.  But whereas Muguet des Bois screams, “No, no, no, I will not be well behaved and mesh with your body chemistry,” Muguet du Bonheur blooms gloriously on my skin.  It starts off with a green, sharp lily note, although not as sharp as that of Muguet des Bois.  Then jasmine begins to creep in, balancing the green note of the lily, but always playing the supporting role.  It’s rounded out with a dose of soap and something every-so-slightly peppery, and lingers on me for about 3 hours (short, yes, but a vast improvement on Muguet des Bois).

On me, this is green but not jarring, soft and soapy, but never verging on laundry detergent.  It’s an elegant scent that I imagine would work equally well for casual days and first dates.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that the bottle is absolutely gorgeous (not the one pictured, I believe I have a sample bottle).

You can find Caron Muguet du Bonheur at various online fragrance counters (same goes for Muguet des Bois).  I’m no perfume-buying expert, but I purchased Muguet des Bois from FragranceNet, and they also carry Caron’s scent here for $40 (I have the EDP spray, not the parfum).

Top notes: lily of the valley, bergamot, neroli
Heart notes: lily of the valley, jasmine, rose
Base notes: heliotrope, musk, sandalwood

Full Disclosure: Caron Muguet du Bonheur was provided for review and consideration.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


20 thoughts on “Caron Muguet du Bonheur Review

  1. Oooh! Lily! I love the smell of lilies. I need to find this one!
    “Dances a jig right off my skin”-haha cracked me right up!

    • Yay! Have you tried any other lily fragrances? I really want to get my hands on a sample of Diorissimo.
      hehehe I thought you might appreciate that. Nowhere near as funny as those animal portraits of yours though!

  2. I loved your take on this, so eloquent and fun (just like the perfume, i gather). I am getting more and more into perfumes lately. The pretty bottles and girly scents just unstitch me.

  3. Yay hehe. I wonder… what is the fragrance that first really introduced me to perfume…? I don’t think I can really remember… but I remember quite distinctly wearing Burberry Brit EDT for an entire year until all of a sudden the way everything smelled to me changed dramatically and I couldn’t stand it anymore… I think that’s when I started to appreciate how incredibly nuanced fragrances are. My second birth as a perfumista was triggered by the MUA perfume board and L’Heure Bleue. 🙂

    • My goodness, an entire year? Yeah, I can see why everything changed haha. To be honest, Muguet des Bois is a pretty basic soliflore, and it wasn’t that it was all that more nuanced (on me at least) than a well done B&BW scent, but it was still very different from the generic floral blends B&BW puts out. So all of a sudden, I just went, wow this is kind of different, and then I realized more and more how limited my knowledge of perfume was.

      You should write a post on L’Heure Bleue someday, if you have time! Would love to read that.

  4. What a wonderful review! It’s not easy to review perfumes but you do it so well. I don’t think this scent is up my alley but the bottle is gorgeous.

    • Thank you Gio! I think some sort of lightbulb went off in my head, because I tried to write this a couple of weeks ago, and had so much trouble putting my thoughts into words.

      And yes, probably too much on the ethereal floral side for your scent preferences!

    • I feel that way about jasmine too sometimes, which is why I was pleasantly surprised that Caron managed to work jasmine in here, and still make lily come off as the main note. Thank you 🙂

  5. Interesting! I can’t stand the smell of lilies funnily enough, but I am very curious in having a sniff of this. I have never seen this fragrance brand over here either…some detective work I think is needed!

    • Aw, that’s too bad! But it’s fun to sniff new scents just for the experience, even if they’re not typically you’re cup of tea. Caron scents seem a little hard to find in-store nowadays, but they’ve been around for over a century. I haven’t read too much into the brand history, but I’m sure it’s rich and magical.

  6. It’s so interesting how scent smells different on different people! I have inherited many a fragrance from my mother for that very reason (to which I’m not complaining!). I find picking a scent terribly difficult because my tastes are really particular – I don’t like florals for the most part, which tends to be the majority of the market. Also, I get bored quickly – I’ll never have a signature scent. Oh well 😛

    It sounds like you’ve found something that works for you, awesome! I’ve never heard of this perfume before, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it just to check it out!

    • Yes, sometimes it drives me nuts, but at the same time it’s quite cool! And I’ve also given up looking for a signature scent, I don’t think I could stand to wear any one scent all the time, no matter how lovely (or maybe I just haven’t found that perfect one yet).

      It’s one of the classic oldies but goodies!

  7. Okay you just won my heart with this:
    “Not something you wear just to smell good, after all. The closest comparison I can think of is music; when people talk about perfume they talk about how it develops, how it softly begins and soars to a crescendo and ends with a trailing diminuendo. And I can analyze perfume all I want, but in the end, it’s more about the feeling, the faint memory it leaves behind.”

    Music to a musician’s EYES (not ears since I’m just reading it)!!! LOL! Completely irrelevant to the review xD

    I’ve never really smelled a lily before, but from your review and the comments I’m thinking it must smell really great! Must go stuff my nose in a flower shop soon~

  8. I love the smell of Lily of the Valley. I could be wrong but it doesn’t seem to be used in perfume as much now compared to before? So this is refreshing. The seafoam color packaging is so pretty too. 😀

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